LCBC West Shore

Lives Changed
By Christ

We exist to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him.

Average Weekly Attendance
Across All Locations

Average Weekly Attendance by LCBC Location

  • Berks 551
  • BranchCreek (Harleysville) 1,221
  • Coal Township 92
  • Columbia-Montour 1,006
  • Ephrata 1,759
  • Hanover 359
  • Harrisburg 1,093
  • Hazleton 346
  • Lancaster City 1,073
  • Lebanon 659
  • Manheim 5,565
  • Northern Dauphin Area 49
  • Waynesboro 392
  • West Shore 311
  • York 1,447

Something like that has never happened to me before and that’s when I really felt like I was being touched by God.

Jimmy Serving at LCBC Hazleton

“Some of my friends told me about LCBC and how modern and different it was compared to traditional style church. I've always been trying to find somewhere I felt like I fit in but never really found the right place that clicked for me. Before getting involved with LCBC I played in a touring metal band for over 4 years. But on the road I made a lot of bad choices and was surrounded by a lot of negativity all the time. I wanted something better for myself.

Since I've been coming, I've made lots of really great friends and gotten involved more with the worship team! I’m currently in training right now to learn how to run front of house sound. The most defining moment for me was listening to all the worship songs to learn the drum parts. My first time playing with the band was when they added a new song to the list called "So Will I" and when I listened to it to get a feel for how it goes, it actually made me cry just because it spoke to me so much. Something like that has never happened to me before and that's when I really felt like I was being touched by God. I've felt a better improvement on my purpose in life and the way I feel about myself since I've been coming every week to the services.

Since coming to LCBC, I feel like my faith has definitely grown tremendously! With every day being a work in progress, I feel like I am following a great path that God has guided me to. I am so grateful for all the gifts and talents, and family & friends that have been given to me in this life. I’m very excited to continue to keep growing stronger in my faith, and impact others in a positive way!”

Jimmy Pino Jimmy Pino LCBC Hazleton
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People Baptized

I left feeling God’s presence more in my life than I ever had before.

Sam’s Baptism at LCBC Hanover

“I was born and raised Catholic. I always went through the motions, but never felt like I had a personal relationship with God. Shortly after college, I attended paramedic school. I was also part of Maryland Task Force One, a federal disaster response team.

Shortly after I started that job, my mom passed away. 9 years later, my dad was diagnosed with brain cancer and passed away just 45 days later. Over the next few years, I lost some friends and coworkers to job-related injuries, illnesses, and suicide. I began to drink alcohol, thinking that would help me through the difficult emotions I felt after experiencing so much loss. That wasn’t the answer – the only thing alcohol did was put a strain on my marriage and my relationship with my sons. When I suffered a career-ending injury a few years ago, I hit rock bottom. I was wondering why all these things happened to me.

A friend invited me to come to LCBC with him. My wife and I attended the next Sunday. After listening to the music and the message, I felt like the pastor was talking directly to me. I left feeling God’s presence more in my life than I ever had before.

Since attending LCBC, I have renewed my faith and trust in God. My relationship with my wife and family is stronger than it’s ever been. I used to deal with my struggles on my own, but now I pray and ask God for his help and guidance. His power is far greater than mine, and his strength begins where mine ends. By trusting in him and praying, I know he will guide me down the right path. I know ‘through his strength and guidance that I can handle any challenge he gives me.”

Sam Taylor Sam Taylor LCBC Hanover
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LCBC Lebanon
Average Weekly kidVenture
Island Attendance

Parents have an incredible opportunity to use their influence and time to be spiritual leaders for their families. This year, our kidMinistry Team empowered parents with a tool called Start Here to lead the conversation about becoming Forever Friends with Jesus. Because of these conversations, in 2019, 126 kids at LCBC made the personal choice to follow Jesus!

High School Students at Fall Retreat
Average Weekly Student Attendance

“Before I trusted Jesus, I was angry a lot of the time. I was caught in a cycle. When my family started attending LCBC in July, I was drawn towards the people here. I felt at home and I knew there was something different. I began attending HSM (High School Ministry), which led me to trust in Jesus. Since then I’ve started to notice things around me that I didn’t before. I’ve started to invite my friends to come too. HSM has helped me realize who I am as a child of God, which has brought me peace.”

Chase Dube Chase Dube LCBC Columbia-Montour
High School Students at Fall Retreat
Middle School Students
at Wildfire Camp
High School Students
at Fall Retreat

Through your generosity in 2019, 195 students experienced camps and retreats with $30,107 given in scholarships.

Through your generosity in 2019, 195 students experienced camps and retreats with $30,107 given in scholarships.

“As I have gotten older, I have battled and struggled with depression and a lot of the stress from school and home would pile up on me and I would lose motivation to go to LCBC and to seek out God. All of that stress reached a peak and after about 5-6 months of not going and just staying in my room, I finally forced myself to go to HSM (High School Ministry) again. Not too long after that it was time for Fall Retreat, so I signed up and went.

One morning I woke up at Fall Retreat a few hours earlier than everyone else. During that time, I started to think, ‘I want to help people come to know and trust Jesus.’ Now I'm the tech leader for both Collide and HSM, and I help plan and set up for HSM as well. I also have volunteered for Fall Retreat and Wildfire. I hope that what I'm doing is making a difference for at least one student, and even though I still struggle with depression, I feel my attitude has improved from what it was a year ago. I realize that while my default is to feel guilty every time I mess up, I am learning that while I am not perfect, Jesus is.”

Chase Dube Chris Loucks LCBC York
On-Site Young Adults Group at LCBC Manheim
People Connecting in Groups

“Before getting connected at LCBC, my life as far as spreading my faith and reaching out to others about it was introverted. I didn’t talk to other people my age about faith. Being connected in a college group has impacted my faith because it helps me to be more open about exploring it on my own. I get excited about inviting others to come check out our Group. Now that I’m connected, I am inviting other people to come get connected, and appreciating my life more than I did before.”

Adam Silverman Adam Silverman LCBC York
LCBC Harrisburg
People Actively Serving at LCBC

“We started attending LCBC Berks occasionally after we got married. In the fall of 2018, while it seemed difficult to not attend our home churches, we knew that God was pushing us to take a leap of faith and make LCBC our home as a married couple.

It was after church one Sunday in January 2019, we both felt God nudging us to get involved. That same Sunday we were able to talk to people in both the Worship and kidMinistry departments and left feeling encouraged and excited to begin serving. Through serving we have both made relationships with other people that have encouraged us in our everyday life and our walk with God. We have made friends who we are able to connect with outside of the weekend gatherings. They have been a huge support as we have recently been trying to figure out God's plan for our lives.

While serving has been a huge part of growing our individual relationships with God, our marriage has been strengthened more than we can begin to fathom. We feel incredibly blessed to attend LCBC.”

Adam and Kristin Rabenold Adam and Kristin Rabenold LCBC Berks
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Given to Local Nonprofits
Hours Served in Our Communities
Given Through Operation Christmas Child
Shoeboxes, Giving Tree Gifts,
and Child Sponsorships


Total value invested in nonprofit partners


Our church partnered with 105 nonprofit organizations to meet needs across our state, including:

  • Eliminating crushing medical debt for people in our state
  • Providing permanent homes for people needing a new start
  • Meeting essential needs like food, clothing, health care, and car repairs
  • Training people in new skills to find jobs and careers
  • Bringing independence and connection to people with special needs through horse therapy services
  • Helping families in need through domestic violence shelters, prison ministries, and family support organizations
  • Offering health and human services to people without medical insurance

“With my work schedule and everything I wasn’t serving anywhere, and I wanted to interface with people that I’m helping directly. I started serving meals at Water Street Mission. I get to see everyone who is there, residents and emergency shelter people get to recognize you. There are many times as you walk through the line, and they say, ‘Thank you for serving today.’

Serving is like a highlight of my week when I’m’s not just helping the community but it’s also helping to grow yourself. You can get so involved in your life and all the things you have going on, but when you experience that growth, that’s just amazing.”

Christy Quezada Christy Quezada LCBC Lancaster City
Sponsored Students in Haiti
Total Children Sponsored by LCBC Attendees

At an average of $35 per month for each child sponsorship, the total annual amount given is $2,304,540.

Haiti Map

Between rainfall shortages and political unrest, children in Haiti spent months missing out on education in 2019 because school doors were closed. While many children were not able to return to school until November, children in our sponsored communities were able to return to school 2 months earlier than their peers. Thank you for making a very real difference in the lives of these kids through sponsorship!

Maybe I can't solve the thirst of the world, but maybe I can offer a cup of my water

Gary Serving at LCBC BranchCreek

“I wasn’t really looking to go on another mission trip, much less to Honduras. As an Emergency Medicine Physician, I had been on several trips to Jamaica with another group, but this was another unknown.

This trip - like others - connected me to so many kind and talented people. It also revealed things to me. God will sometimes put me in situations where I feel ill-equipped spiritually and push me to the edges of my safe zone. LCBC talks often about God wanting to meet me where I am and time and time again he does. I just need to be willing to let him. He will come into some of the most messy, shattered parts of my life to show me that he’s there for me. And equally important, through me for others.

On the trip, one of my patients told me that she was heartbroken because she somehow came to believe that her murdered son who was a Christian would not be with God in heaven. She believed deeply in heaven and God’s love and she couldn’t understand why this would be, but people she respected in Honduras had told her that people who died like this would never be in heaven. This was her heavy burden. Mine was the opportunity to take what I had been learning and pick up the pieces of my developing faith and be with her where she was. It was for me to ask God for the right words in that moment. Over the course of the next thirty minutes, I told her that we are shown and taught that Jesus redeemed us to God through his sacrifice. If her son had accepted Jesus during his life, then he was surely with him now. I believe that woman left with a different perspective. I believe I was placed there at that time for me to have this conversation with her.

I left Honduras with what I feel is a simple truth. Most people in this world want the same simple things. Things like happiness, basic needs, a better life for their children, joy, acceptance, peace, compassion, forgiveness, grace, and love.

For whatever reason, some people have vastly different circumstances. If I can step into their world and lend them a hand for a little bit of time and I am moved to do that, shouldn’t I? Maybe I can’t solve the thirst of the world, but maybe I can offer a cup of my water.

We are all very different and, yet, all very much alike. Grace walks through all those relationships and connects us to each other and to Jesus. When we invite that grace in and share ours, I think the world gets a little less thirsty.”

Gary Bonfante Gary Bonfante LCBC BranchCreek
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Total Given to LCBC in 2019
Households Took the 90-Day Tithing Challenge in 2019

2,054 households have taken the challenge since 2014.

“Life happens, but most times when the unexpected happens, it is catastrophic to our finances. But ever since I chose to up my giving to a true tenth, it’s different. The first time we noticed more than a coincidence was after we recovered from a week of stomach flu and unpaid time off. Living paycheck to paycheck...that was hard to breathe with worry. I crunched the numbers and took on a side job, but we were still going to be $150 short. Payday came and when I added my check and my husband’s...I could NOT believe it! $160 extra was left after paying all the bills. No explanation. Just enough for what we needed. Thank you LCBC for the sermon that hit me right when I needed to hear it. Who knows how we would still be struggling...without THIS kind of faith.”

julieboyer Julie Boyer LCBC Lebanon
People Visited
for the First Time
25% Audience Increase
Over 2018
24% Increase in Watched
Hours Over 2018
LCBC Lebanon

In April we launched LCBC Lebanon in the heart of the community thanks to a generous donation of the historic former Tabor Church building.

“Before coming back to church, my life was a series of ups and downs. 6 years ago I was in a very bad motorcycle accident and almost lost my leg. After 13 surgeries and over 2 years of recovery, I’m finally back to almost normal. It was after this that I met Deanna. The way she was able to keep her faith through all of her ups and downs was unbelievable. She always would ask me to come to church with her, so finally LCBC Lebanon opened up and I agreed to go with her to check it out. I couldn’t believe the energy and happiness of everyone who was there. They had just started a series on overcoming adversity. It just made sense about trusting Jesus through the ups and downs of life and trusting that his plan has meaning. With all that we have been through in our lives, it just sort of all clicked.

After placing my trust in Jesus, I’ve found I’m more calm in the face of adversity. I don’t get worked up about the small things anymore, and my relationship with Deanna is stronger than it’s ever been.”

matthewlightner Matthew Lightner LCBC Lebanon
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On-Site FPU Group at LCBC Manheim
People Experienced
Financial Peace University

In 2019, we made it our goal as a church to experience the remarkable life that God wants for each of us by learning how to manage our personal finances well and experience financial peace and freedom. We launched the Financial Peace University (FPU) Initiative in January and asked everyone in our church to be a part of Financial Peace University, a 9-week journey to experience financial freedom.

I have been able to see God’s work in my life more clearly because I am not distracted by the stress of money anymore.

—Kayla Middleton, LCBC Ephrata

“I grew up in church and knew about gifts and tithes, but didn't feel I could afford it. In March 2018, I made the decision to sponsor a child through Compassion International. My goal was to give $25 every pay, but my giving was sporadic. I just wasn't comfortable giving more of ‘my’ money to God and having less money to survive. In May 2018, Pastor Dan (LCBC Ephrata Campus Pastor) spoke of a 90-Day Tithing Challenge. I knew I would die of embarrassment before asking for my money back after the challenge, but I decided I would try it for the 90 days. If I didn't feel differently, I would just stop giving. I wanted so badly to see something big, but it wasn't there.

A few months after the challenge ended, I began to notice I hadn't overdrawn on my bank account since the challenge started. I had been tithing 10% of my income for almost 6 months and still had my bills paid! I was amazed. I had been living for years ‘robbing Peter to pay Paul’ and overdrawing on my account. Now, even with giving way more money than my budget said I could afford, I always had money left over.

When LCBC advertised Financial Peace University (FPU), I knew this was the next step for me. It was time for me to learn more about how to stay out of the financial mess I had been in for most of my adult life. I originally started FPU in fall 2018, but due to a family emergency I had to drop out. I was able to attend the first 3 sessions about having $1,000 in my emergency fund, snowballing debt, and having 3-6 months saved in an emergency fund. I returned to the winter 2019 session of FPU with my $1,000 emergency fund and credit card debt paid off. By the end of FPU, I was still working on paying off my car and student loans, but life looked and felt so different for me.

Since FPU has ended, I have signed up for the Care Meals Team and am able to buy extra food to help other families. I also had the money to expand my vegetable garden this year to bless others with the harvest. I started the 90-Day Tithing Challenge a little over a year ago and started my first FPU session almost a year ago. I never imagined that my life could look like this a year later. I have used my emergency fund on a few occasions in the last 9 months. It completely changed how I looked at a financial emergency because I knew that money was there.

One specific emergency happened this past April. Thursday morning my tire pressure light came on when I was driving to work. After work, I noticed the tire looked a little lower so I decided to drive to my dealership to have it checked. The mechanic asked me to come look at my tire while it was up on the lift. The threads were exposed and if I had hit a pothole my tire would've busted! He said my car was out of alignment and had worn down the inner side of all 4 tires. Because of FPU, I had the $700 to pay for a new set of tires that day! 6 months ago, this would've been impossible to pay for. God is so good!

I am still working on finishing step 2 before moving on to step 3, but I feel the impact of FPU in a big way. I have been able to see God's work in my life more clearly because I am not distracted by the stress of money anymore. I will be completing the FPU program again once I pay off my car. I believe I will benefit from going through the program at a different financial point in my life in order to stay motivated to work through the steps.”

Kayla Middleton Kayla Middleton LCBC Ephrata
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All Access One Day - LCBC Manheim
Leaders Invested in Their Development
Through LCBC-Hosted Conferences

“After the Global Leadership Summit ended last year, I became more consistent with my morning devotionals and I ‘found my chair.’ I also started to attend church with my old coworker. This year at GLS I was inspired by the statement of helping one person, and I am going to figure out how to start volunteering at LCBC. Thank you once again for such a great event that LCBC hosts, I believe it’s a really inspiring event for so many of us.”

John Gunn John Gunn LCBC Manheim
Church Leaders Empowered and
Developed through LCBC All Access
One Day
and LCBC All Access Cohorts
Churches Working Together through
Pastor’s Roundtables to Impact Our State
  • Churches Participating in Pastor's Roundtables
  • LCBC Locations

We are passionate about working together with other churches across our state to continue to reach people for Jesus.

LCBC All Access One Day and LCBC All Access Cohorts empowered and developed 549 church leaders to equip the local church and strengthen the impact it has across our state and beyond.

53 churches, including LCBC, spent intentional time together through Pastor’s Roundtables in 2019 praying, learning, and growing in order to further the mission of introducing more people to Jesus across the state of Pennsylvania.

It’s incredible to see all that God has done through our church in 2019! And as we take the time to look back at it all, we’re reminded that behind each number is a person and a story of life change.

We can’t wait to see what God will continue to do in the years to come. Thank you for being a part of our LCBC family!