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4 Fun Group Types to Join This Summer

Check out 4 Group types you can join through the LCBC Group Finder this summer revolving around events, hobbies, and interests.

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Summer is the perfect time to jump into something fun - and there are plenty of fun Groups happening at LCBC this season! Check out 4 Group types you can join through the LCBC Group Finder this summer revolving around events, hobbies, and interests.

1. Global Leadership Summit 2021 Groups

Are you counting down the days until this year’s Global Leadership Summit? If GLS is one of your favorite events of the year, don’t miss your chance to jump into a GLS 2021 Group! Bring your notes from the 2-day leadership conference and spend time unpacking what you learned together.

Find a GLS 2021 Group: Search “Global Leadership Summit” on Group Finder

2. Outdoor Enthusiast Groups

Love spending your summer outside? Check out all the Groups meeting outdoors or around outdoor activities this semester. From hanging by the pond to hiking and beyond - connect with other people who love the outdoors as much as you do in an Outdoor Group!

Find an Outdoor Enthusiast Group: Search “Hiking” or “Outdoors” on Group Finder

3. At The Movies 2021 Groups

If At The Movies is one of your favorite times of the year, we need you starting now! Be a part of creating and capturing the sets based on movies we all love that bring people in every year. Whether you’re good at building, good at organizing, or good with a camera, there’s a place for you in an ATM 2021 Group!

Find an At The Movies 2021 Group: Search “At The Movies” on Group Finder

4. Unique Activities Groups

No matter what you enjoy doing in your free time, odds are we’ve got a Group for that! And if we don’t yet, you can start your own! Check out Groups happening this semester based on unique activities - like Zumba, Geocaching, and shooting Sporting Clays.

Find and join the Zumba GroupGeocaching Group, and Sporting Clays Group on Group Finder.

Want to see what else is available? Explore and discover all the Group options this semester on Group Finder.

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