What is For The One?

At LCBC, we’re a church full of people who have experienced the hope and love of Jesus and have a desire to introduce more and more people to him. We know that there are still thousands of people across the state of Pennsylvania who are looking for that kind of hope and love. Throughout his life on earth, Jesus modeled the unique ability to see through the crowds and focus on the one—so we’re following his lead and will continue to look for ways to be a church for the one.

Over the next three years, through our For The One initiative, our goal is to invest in growing Church Online and our digital reach, expand Home and Community Gatherings, and launch new LCBC Campuses. We want our church to be as easy as possible to get to for anyone and everyone, no matter where they live.


We are excited to share updates related to our For The One efforts.

This past March, we talked about our hope and vision as a church to keep reaching new people in three main areas:

  1. Growing our digital and online reach
  2. Establishing groups in new communities across the state
  3. Launching new campuses

First , related to our Digital and Online efforts:

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Current Community Groups

The Vision

At LCBC, we have a vision to impact the state of Pennsylvania with the love of Jesus. Whether that’s through our physical LCBC locations or reaching people online. We want to be a church who is following Jesus in his pursuit for the one.

Three Opportunities

The challenge is to jump in and make a commitment so that together we can raise $20 million over the next three years to invest in three opportunities: growing Church Online and our digital reach, expanding Home and Community Gatherings, and launching new LCBC Campuses.

Grow Church Online & Digital Reach

  • Connect new people to Church Online through increased use of targeted digital advertising
  • Help people discover our church and digital content by showing up in their search results for searches like, “churches near me”, “how to deal with anxiety”, and more
  • Expand our article, Bible reading plan, and sermon content library to make it easier than ever for people to access biblical content around felt need topics such as mental health, parenting, and marriage

Expand Home & Community Gatherings

  • Identify individuals in the same community who are either driving a far distance to a LCBC Campus or watching Church Online and connect them together so they can explore starting a Home Gathering in their community
  • Equip leaders by providing a launch kit to make it simple to host a Home Gathering and then walk alongside them and help them grow into Community Gathering that begin meeting in community centers, libraries, or local gyms
  • At this time we’re working with five Home and Community Gatherings and we see potential in communities like State College, Quakertown, Johnstown, and beyond! Our goal is to begin resourcing 20-30 Home and Community Gatherings in the next year alone

    For more information on the new communities, we are currently in check out our Community Groups page here!

Launch New Campuses

  • Through growing Church Online and expanding Home and Community Gatherings, we're prepared to launch campuses in places where we see a strong core group of people who are a part of LCBC
  • We’ll continue to explore expanding into new communities that neighbor an existing LCBC Campus. Once there’s a strong core group of LCBC attendees in that area, we believe we can quickly grow to impact that area by removing a significant hurdle of longer drive times that would prevent family, friends, and neighbors from attending
  • Potential new campus opportunities are Exeter Township, Willow Street, and relocating LCBC Wilkes-Barre to a permanent location to continue to have an even greater impact in their region

The Challenge

The challenge is to jump in and make a commitment so that together we can raise $20 million over the next three years to invest in three opportunities: growing Church Online and our digital reach, expanding Home and Community Gatherings, and launching new LCBC Campuses.

  • Be Informed
    Continue to ask questions and look for ways to get involved as we take opportunities to impact our state with the love of Jesus.
  • Talk to God
    Pray and ask him about what your part might look like in the For The One initiative.
  • Do What God Says
    Find the level of investment that God is calling you to and make a commitment.
Give to For The One

Weekend Series

To learn more around our heartbeat for this initiative and how you can get involved check out our weekend series, For The One. You can catch up on our Sermons page!


We are going to prioritize our investment in growing Church Online and our digital reach along with Home and Community Gatherings - ensuring these initiatives have the necessary resources to be successful in reaching more people for Jesus. The balance of the funds raised will be used to seed the launching of three campuses.

We praise God for his provision and that we are currently debt free, however, we may again leverage borrowed funds in the future to further our mission. The responsible use of borrowed funds in the past has allowed us to accelerate our expansion initiatives and reach more people for Jesus.

Your commitment is not a contract or a legally binding agreement and LCBC will never hold you liable for your commitment amount. We believe that your commitment to the For The One initiative is between you and God. Our hope is that as you seek God in prayer regarding what role you can play, you will be led to a commitment amount that is right for you. God may stretch you to take a step of faith and make a sacrificial commitment to For The One.

Contact Jeff Kahler, Director of Expansion and Advancement at 717-928-8811 or via email at JeffKahler@LCBCchurch.com.

Raising $20 million over the next three years will allow us to accelerate our investment in these three opportunities: growing Church Online and our digital reach, expanding Home and Community Gatherings, and launching new LCBC campuses. Also, as we have evaluated our current giving trends and our past experience with capital campaigns we feel this is an achievable goal. However, the level of funds raised through this initiative will impact how quickly we can move forward with these opportunities. We recognize that reaching our $20 million goal will not be easy, and we are asking for prayer, participation, and sacrifice from each one of us!

Our typical process for selecting a new campus location is to identify a new community where we already have a core group of LCBC attendees and there is a significant number of people that still need to hear about Jesus. We know some of our attendees may drive 30 minutes or more to a LCBC location, but a longer drive time can be a significant hurdle to inviting their friends, family, and neighbors to join them. A new location in that community can eliminate that hurdle and with a strong core a new LCBC campus can quickly grow to impact that area.

We are grateful that so many of you have already prioritized trusting God with your finances and bringing back to him the first 10% of what he has provided to you. This support has allowed LCBC to do incredible work in furthering our mission and seeing many lives changed by Christ. We humbly ask for your continued support of our day-to-day ministry and are asking you to consider an investment above and beyond to support this initiative.

Giving to both ONE LIFE, our prior initiative, and For The One go to support expansion initiatives at LCBC. As you consider a new commitment to For The One, you can transition your ONE LIFE giving to For The One. Feel free to reach out to Giving@LCBCchurch.com or contact our Accounting team at 717-928-8811 if you need any assistance with your current scheduled giving or have further questions.