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Jesus has always been for the one. Pausing, listening, looking for the one who feels unworthy, broken, rejected. His mission is unrelentingly set on rescue. And he invites us to join him.

Focusing on Jesus

Jason Mitchell · April 10, 2022

For many of us, even once we put our faith in Christ our past still comes back and haunts us. Fears creep back in and keep us from stepping out in obedience to God. The only way to let go of our baggage is to fix our eyes on Jesus.

Miracles on Earth

David Ashcraft · April 3, 2022

We desire to see visible miracles from God - walking on water, turning water into wine, or feeding 5000 from a few loaves of bread and a couple fish. But according to Jesus, the greatest miracle we could witness on Earth is someone being introduced to him for eternity.

Trusting God with our Finances

Jason Mitchell · March 27, 2022

Jesus spoke extensively about money, but for many of us, the last thing we're willing to trust God with is our finance. There's no greater demonstration of trust than to open our hands to God with what we've been given.

Searching For The One

Jason Mitchell · March 20, 2022

Jesus didn't surround himself with perfect people. Instead, he searched for those far from him. As a church, it's our role to seek out the same people Jesus did and show them his love.

Moving Forward

David Ashcraft · March 13, 2022

The last couple of years have been challenging. But as we pause and look back, we can see clearly that God has been working in the midst of difficulty. We take time to celebrate some of the amazing things God has done at LCBC in the last couple of years, and look at what’s in store for the years ahead.