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The Four People You Meet at a Crucifixion

As Jesus drew near to the cross, there were critical moments and crucial decisions made that set things in motion that would lead to Jesus’ death. This study looks at four people - Pilate, Judas, Jesus and Peter - and their unique part to play in the crucifixion. Understanding their perspectives will help us walk more closely with Jesus.

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For The One

Jesus has always been for the one. Pausing, listening, looking for the one who feels unworthy, broken, rejected. His mission is unrelentingly set on rescue. And he invites us to join him. So let’s discuss our role in that rescue.

Life of Moses: The Journey of Every Man

Look at the extraordinary life of Moses – his life in Egypt, his part in a murder, his retreat to the desert and God’s call for him return to the scene of the crime and demand the release of the Jews. In each step of his life, Moses had to face identity crises that we all face: Who am I? What does God really want from me? What am I chasing and what am I running from? Just like every man, Moses had a lot to figure out – join us for eight weeks of figuring it out together.

Target Audience: Men

Psalm 143: When Your Back's Against the Wall

What do you do when your back is against the wall? The weekend series for When Your Back's Against the Wall highlights what to do when it feels like nothing is going your way. We are looking at how David points to seven prayers in Psalm 143 as starting points for what to do when we feel like everything is working against us.

At The Movies Extended Cut (2021)

Some of the best movie moments don't make the cut, and our At the Movies teaching is no different! Sit down and enjoy some behind-the-scenes interaction with our teachers for At The Movies Extended Cut. Learn more about why the speaker chose their film and further unpack how these movies can help us do life well.

It's Complicated

Whatever your relationship status - whether you’re in one, had one, or want one – they’re complicated. But it’s always worth the work to do relationships well.

Let's Talk - A Q&A with LCBC Staff

There is no shortage of things to talk about. What if we had the chance to chat about subjects that interested you and helped you grow in your faith? Let’s Talk is a series of interviews from LCBC staff that will help you create meaningful conversation in your Group. You’ll laugh, learn and talk together!

Uncommon Ground

In a world that’s divided, it’s easier to pick a side than to fight for unity. But we have a higher calling. Are you ready to stand on uncommon ground?

At The Movies (2020)

Theatres may be closed, but you can still catch some great movies this summer! Join us each weekend in the month of July as we watch hit films together and hear what they have to tell us about living the best life. We’ll see you At The Movies!

Racial Reconciliation

Racial Reconciliation starts with acknowledgment and honest conversation. These studies will focus on practical and foundational ways that we can come together in unity as well as address one another’s differences to find that reconciliation and love each other the way Jesus loves us.

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