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Bible Reading

The Bible challenges us to know God and see ourselves in his Word

Why Read The Bible?

Our deepest relationships are those that we invest the most time in. Being intentional about reading God’s Word means that we’re setting aside time to hear from him and understand what he wants for our lives. By taking the time each day to read and reflect on what he has to say, we can make being in a relationship with God a daily part our lives.

Plans to Follow

Use or download the YouVersion Bible App to follow along with our quarterly Bible Reading Plans and to find more plans you can use to read the Bible each day.

Bible Reading Plans

Stories of Mental Health in the Bible

Mental health isn’t as new of an issue as you might think. Take a look at 6 people who struggled with mental health in the Bible, and see how God cared and provided for them in their darkest moments.

Remix Your Negative Thoughts

Have you ever listened to a remix of your favorite song? It may sound similar to the original, or it was transformed into something brand new. Just like a song being remixed by a music producer, our thoughts can be transformed by God into something fresh and unique.

Verse of the Week

Dive deeper with our verse of the week taken from the weekend message. Download each week's exclusive art to save as a reminder or send to a friend. New content drops each Wednesday.

The Bible Recap

In 2023 we're partnering with The Bible Recap. A daily chronological Bible reading plan with a short, daily podcast that highlights and summarizes that day’s Bible reading in a casual, easy-to-understand way.

Follow along with the daily reading on LCBC App, listen on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts or Watch on YouTube.

From Beginning to End: Quarter 1

Join us as we read through From Beginning to End, a historical timeline of the Bible.

Names of Jesus in Isaiah

When the book of Isaiah was written, the birth of Jesus was still 700 years away. Yet, Isaiah wrote prophecies and descriptions of Jesus that would eventually be fulfilled. Dive into this four-day plan and enjoy unpacking each name of Jesus in Isaiah 9:6 and discover how they can encourage and have power in your life today.

How to Be More Like Jesus

We live in a world dominated by self-interest. Check out this quick bible reading plan to unpack the trap that idolizing ourselves can cause while figuring out how to be more like Jesus.

Daily New Testament: Quarter 4

This plan will take us through the entire New Testament in one year, and
includes one Gospel each quarter. Weekends can be used to catch up on readings or for reflection, and notes are included on the web or Bible App to assist with understanding. We hope you enjoy reading along with us!

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