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Following Jesus is a lifelong journey. We're never done taking steps to become more like him and grow in our faith. Growth Track is designed to help you take those steps, empowering you to keep fueling your relationship with Jesus. So pick a topic and get started!

Developing Spiritual Habits

Getting the most out of life doesn't have to be complicated. Here's how to develop simple habits that will bring you closer in your walk with God. 

Talking with God

Want to pray but aren’t sure where to start, or why you’d do it? Discover all that prayer can do for your life and your relationship with God! 

The Bible

Stop being intimidated by the Bible and start seeing it for the amazing gift it really is to your life! 

Using Your Gifts

What do you have to offer that God can use to build his kingdom right here at LCBC? How can you discover your purpose? 

From Doubt to Faith

Where might you need to break down doubts and rebuild your faith? Here's how to allow God to renovate your relationship with Jesus. 

Living Generously

Why does the church ask us to give? Does it matter whether or not we do? See how God can use your approach to finances, no matter your wealth. 

What We Believe

Do you ever wish there were a crash-course guide to theology? Connect the dots of the Bible and understand the bigger picture of your faith. 

Sharing Jesus

None of us want to be awkward and weird about sharing our faith. Here's how to boost your confidence and share your faith in an impactful way.