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Each fall, we make our love easy to see in our communities by unleashing generosity through giving and serving those around us locally and globally through joining forces with our Be Rich partners. Jump in and join our church by showing up in our towns and neighborhoods to be a part of a movement of remarkable generosity. By making the love of Jesus easy to see, we create positive change in our communities and build a better world.

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Each year, LCBC partners with exceptional nonprofits doing valuable work in our communities. When you make a financial donation to Be Rich, every penny supports the needs and efforts of these organizations. Your contribution will fund projects that are game changers for our nonprofits and life changers for the people they serve. Together, we can make a difference and make our love easy to see!

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Older male smiling while holding a female child


Serving grows our relationship with God, others in our community, and those we want to introduce to Jesus. When you serve with a nonprofit, you help them accomplish more and communicate value and dignity to those they serve. Together we served 2,279 hours with our nonprofit partners in 2022. Join us now to find how you can serve in our communities.

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Be Rich Partners

We want to be remarkable neighbors and make positive contributions to our communities and our world. Each LCBC location has partnered with nonprofits that are doing incredible work, and set up opportunities for us to partner with them through giving, loving, and serving.

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