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What is LCBC’s Financial Coaching?

The Mission of Financial Coaching is to coach participants in personalized, one-on-one settings to eliminate debt, save money, build wealth and see money as God’s tool to use for his glory through the methods of teaching, equipping, empowering and encouraging.

LCBC has equipped and trained financial coaches who help individuals and families develop a plan for their finances. In financial coaching, people learn biblically based money management principles and techniques.

Financial coaching is a one-on-one experience designed to give practical assistance in the following areas:

  • Creating a budget that works
  • Calculating a debt-free date
  • Learning how to save money
  • Learning how to invest money
  • Learning how to reduce spending
  • Learning how to budget with a spouse

What is the difference between a Financial Advisor vs. a Financial Coach?

Financial advisors work with your money’s behavior, while financial coaches work with your behavior with your money.

What does a coaching session look like?

  • Three, 90-minute coaching sessions over 2-4 months in a safe environment (church atrium, library, coffee shop, etc.) or online via zoom
  • After each session the coach will email you a short recap of the meeting along with follow-up notes, a review of what you committed to do, recommendations, resources, and encouragement.
  • Don’t worry - everything shared is confidential!

Is Financial Coaching my next step?

Based on our experiences, we’ve found that many people interested in Financial Coaching simply have a question or two perhaps on a single topic. If LCBC’s Personal Finance Tools and Resources don’t address your question, please review these resources:

After reviewing the resources on this page, if you feel financial coaching is your best next step, please fill out the confidential application at the link below.

How do I get started?

  1. Fill out the online Financial Coaching Participant Application. It will ask for information about your current financial situation and household.
  2. Based on your completed application, you will be matched up with a financial coach or coaching pair and they will reach out to schedule the first meeting.

Want to be a Financial Coach?

We’re always looking for individuals with the heart of a teacher, an attitude of service, and a knack for personal finances. Additional qualities we’re looking for in a Financial Coach include:

  • Partner or regular attendee who has made LCBC their home church (Gather, Connect, Serve, Give)
  • Active Listener, Positive Disposition, Integrity, Humility, Team Player, Builds Unity and Compassion to Others
  • Follows healthy financial stewardship principles in their own life and practices what they teach
  • Obeys God financially and is invested in LCBC’s mission of introducing people to Jesus and together fully following him
  • Lives as an example of biblical stewardship through tithing and generosity
  • Can articulate how they personally use budgeting and debt management tools

If that sounds like you, pray about serving as a Financial Coach and contact the LCBC Stewardship Team!