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Anxiety is hard, but you don't have to deal with it alone. We want to walk alongside you with helpful messages, articles, and additional content on navigating and overcoming anxiety.

Whether you struggle with anxiety or know someone who does, we hope these resources will help you feel supported and equipped.


50 Anxiety Quotes to Remember

Check out 50 quotes and Bible verses to remind yourself when the voice of anxiety gets loud.

4 Ways to Help a Family Member Who Struggles With Anxiety

It can be challenging to watch your parent, sibling, child, or friend struggle with mental health. How do we fight alongside them?

10 Ways to Combat Worry + Find Peace

Check out ten practical steps to combat feeling overwhelmed and worried and re-center our minds on God.


Breaking the Power of Anxiety

Watch this message to learn how to guide your thoughts by confronting fears and embracing God's truth instead of letting anxiety control you.

Let's Talk About Mental Health

In this podcast episode we discuss mental health candidly, exploring misconceptions and stigmas, and drawing insights from the Bible and personal experiences.

Dealing with Anxiety

Watch this message to learn how we combat anxiety while we may be dealing with it.

LCBC-Recommended Counseling Services

If your next step in your mental health journey is finding a counselor, we’ve put together a list of Christian counseling services that we’ve vetted and would recommend. These services are organized by specialty and location, so you can choose a counselor close to home or who specializes in a certain area.

Because availability and services can change frequently, click Find A Counselor below and select “Counseling Referral List,” and a member of our team will send you the most up-to-date list for your area.

Find a Counselor

Bible Reading Plans

Stories of Mental Health in the Bible

Check out six people who struggled with mental health in the Bible and see how God cared and provided for them in their darkest moments.


In this 5-day plan for Students, we'll look to the Bible to see what is actually taught about anxiety and worry.

Walking Through Attacking Anxiety

Check out this 5-day plan to help you move from panicked and depressed to alive and free.

Other Resources

Redefining Anxiety

Written by Dr. John Delony, hear about his personal battle with anxiety and the research he has done to help you overcome it.

Feeling Anxious & Overwhelmed

Listen to our curated playlist on Spotify to help you when you feel anxious or overwhelmed.

God is Always Close

Listen to our curated playlist on Spotify to help you focus on God’s presence when you may be feeling anxious.

02 - Soundtracks | No Need To Worry

Take your prayer time to next level with this calming, meditative EP from LCBC Worship.