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12 Valentine's Dates for Everyone In Your Life

February is the month of love - but romantic love isn’t the only kind of love worth celebrating this month!

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February is the month of love - but romantic love isn’t the only kind of love worth celebrating this month! Whether you want to spend intentional time with your family, your significant other, your friends, or yourself, we’ve got date ideas that fall under each category. 

For Parents & Families

  • 1:1 Parent & Kid Dates- If you have young kids, make intentional time with each of them by taking them on a 1:1 date with you. They’ll love the attention and time spent with just you - especially if they’re used to sharing you!
  • Create Valentines for Others- Spend time creating valentines for friends and family, or for a local nursing home or hospital. Get creative with your kids and talk about how we can brighten others’ day with small gifts like cards and candy. Or if your kids are older, write letters and mail them instead.
  • Be the Valentine’s Day Guru- If you have older kids, offer to help them with their plans for Valentine’s Day, whether that’s by giving them ideas of what to do for their significant other or encouraging them to throw a little virtual Valentine’s Day hangout. Oh, and maybe get them their own special treat like a box of chocolates or, if you have a teen boy, a case of Mountain Dew.

Parents - if you’re looking for fun things to do with your kids this season, check out this article for 9 Fun Activities To Do with Your Kids in the Winter.

For Couples

  • Get Active- Commit to doing an in-home workout together that is totally out of your comfort zone as a Valentine’s Day add this year, whether it’s Zumba, kickboxing, or yoga, you’ll have fun looking silly together and getting in a good workout in the process.
  • Make Dinner Together- This one seems simple, but instead of going out this Valentine’s Day, stay home and cook together. Whether you’re making a favorite meal that you’ve made dozens of times or trying a brand new recipe, you’ll have fun spending time with one another and enjoying something that you both put work into.
  • Take A Hike- Get out into nature together this Valentine’s Day (as long as it’s not too cold!) and spend time enjoying the fresh air. You decide whether it’s more of a scenic walk or a full on climb - either way, turn off your phones and focus on one another.

For Friends

  • Host a Trivia Night- Get together with close friends in the name of Valentine’s Day and see who knows the most random facts! You can find Valentine’s Day Trivia or random trivia online - get some snacks and start the competition!
  • Takeout Tasting Party- Order takeout from a bunch of places around you (try to support local restaurants!) and spend time trying everything. Figure out who has the best pizza, chinese food, pasta, fries, and whatever else you find!
  • Take Advantage of Technology- Spend time celebrating Valentine’s Day virtually with digital options like JackBox Party games, the Houseparty app, and Netflix Party where you can play games or watch movies and have fun no matter how far apart you are.

For Yourself

  • At-Home Spa Day- Grab your favorite bubble bath, face mask, and candle and take some time to relax this Valentine’s Day. Some good chocolate would also be a nice add!
  • Indulge in A Book- We all say we want to read more, so this Valentine’s Day make a date with a good book. Find a comfy and quiet place and dive in; maybe it will re-spark your love for reading!
  • Learn A New Skill- Take time to invest in a skill you’ve always wanted to learn or attend a virtual conference you’ve been looking forward to! There’s no better way to treat yourself than finally going after a dream you’ve been chasing.

No matter what you’re doing for Valentine’s Day this year, remember to take time and appreciate the love of those around you. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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