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13 Things Your Wife Loves to Hear From You

Words go a long way in building up our relationships. Here are 13 things to say that your wife loves to hear from you.

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Words of affirmation aren’t gender-specific. We all love it when the important people in our lives speak life-giving, encouraging words to us! After all, words can be powerful. Proverbs 18:21 reminds us that “the tongue can bring death or life.” 

Bring life and encouragement to your marriage by telling your wife things that will lift her spirits and make her feel seen and valued. If words aren’t your thing, no worries – we've come up with the top 13 things your wife loves to hear: 

13 things your wife loves to hear from you 

A quick disclaimer – we all know when someone’s just telling us what we want to hear. Words are powerful, but remember, talk is cheap. It’s important that the words you say agree with your thoughts and feelings about your wife. 

When you say these things from the heart, they’ll be impactful in building up your relationship and helping your wife feel loved! 

1. "I’m really glad you told me that." 

Communication is the cornerstone of a strong marriage. Let your wife know that you value her openness and honesty, creating a safe space for sharing thoughts and feelings. 

2. "That sounds really hard. How are you handling it?" 

Empathy goes a long way. Show genuine concern for your wife’s challenges, allowing her to express herself and providing the support she needs. 

3. "If you were in my shoes, what would you do?" 

Acknowledging her perspective fosters mutual understanding. This question invites her to share her insights, strengthening your partnership dynamic. 

4. "You have every right to feel that way." 

Validate your wife’s emotions. Let her know that her feelings are valid, and that you respect and understand where she's coming from. 

5. "Let me help you with that." 

Be proactive in offering your assistance. Whether it's a task or an emotional burden, expressing your willingness to help shows your commitment to being a supportive partner in every aspect of life. 

6. "I should have handled that differently." 

Admitting when you're wrong is a sign of maturity and humility. Acknowledge your mistakes and be open to learning and growing together. 

7. "You were right." 

Give credit where it's due. Acknowledge her wisdom and insights, showing that you appreciate and value her input. 

8. "______ is bothering me, and you can do _______ to support me." 

Your wife wants to know what’s on your mind, especially if it’s something she can help with. Open up about your own struggles and communicate how she can be there for you. Being vulnerable helps to build up trust and strengthen your emotional connection. 

9. "I really appreciate you." 

Express gratitude for everything, big or small. Whether it's her efforts around the house or the love and support she provides, make sure she knows you don't take her for granted. 

10. "You’re really good at that." 

Everyone loves when their talents are recognized. Highlight your wife’s talents and abilities boosts her confidence. 

11. "I’m happy you’re part of my life." 

Expressing your joy about having her in your life reaffirms your love and commitment. It's a simple yet powerful statement that can brighten your wife’s day. 

12. "You’re good enough." 

Remind her that she is worthy and valuable just as she is. This affirmation helps boost her self-esteem and reinforces your unconditional love. 

13. "I love you." 

Never underestimate the impact of those three words. Regularly express your love to keep the flame burning in your marriage. 

Words aren’t the only way to show love! 

The power of words can’t be underestimated when it comes to making your wife feel loved, but there are other behaviors your wife loves to see from you that you may not have thought of. The Five Love Languages are a great frame of reference for learning how your wife feels loved – and we’ve got a Bible Reading Plan to help you explore them! 


If you’re interested in a deeper dive into the 5 Love Languages, you don’t want to miss this episode of the Live Changed Podcast! We sat down with the creator, Gary Chapman, to learn how to grow stronger in all your relationships. 

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