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14-Day Detour Challenge

We’re currently in the middle of a big detour. While we’re settling into being homebound, consider taking the 14-Day Detour Challenge!

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Make no mistake about it—we’re currently in the middle of a big detour. As we alter our regular lives to make sure we’re social distancing and staying healthy and safe in response to COVID-19 (the coronavirus), a lot of us are going to be spending more time at home than usual. 

While our first reaction to this detour may be concern or even worry, we can choose instead to see it as an opportunity to give, serve, and love our families, neighbors, and communities uniquely. For these next two weeks while we’re settling into being homebound, consider taking the 14-Day Detour Challenge!

Day 1: Write a note to a neighbor — it can be encouraging, friendly, or even an introduction. Drop it in their mailbox and give them a surprise to find when they check their mail next.

Day 2: Ask how you can pray for others — you can do this on social media, by texting people individually, or even by reaching out to people in your life who you know may be extra anxious or going through something big right now. 

Day 3: Bake or buy a meal for someone — if you’re good in the kitchen, show up with a casserole, and if you’re not, order a pizza right to their house.

Day 4: Send someone flowers — we could all use a little sunshine right now.

Day 5: Start a neighborhood Facebook Group or Group chat — use it to update each other on any news that may affect your neighborhood, or to coordinate grocery store trips so you don’t all have to go!

Day 6: Support a local business by ordering takeout — a lot of small businesses are struggling right, so skip making dinner one night and order out from one of them.

Day 7: Start a 7-day Bible Reading Plan — you can find examples of reading plans for times of uncertainty in our list of 18 resources to lean into in times of uncertainty.

Day 8: Call a friend — yes, you read that right, call them, on the phone!

Day 9: Send snail mail — if you have young kids, encourage them to do some crafts or color some photos and send them off to family friends or relatives, and if you don’t have kids, write a letter or two and mail them to someone who could use some comfort right now.

Day 10: Go on a walk and make it a point to say hi to everyone you see — the smallest gesture could brighten someone’s whole day.

Day 11: Lend someone a good book or pay for them to rent a movie — you can send a promo code for an online or disc rental using Redbox.

Day 12: Drop off some hard-to-find items with someone in a “care package” — specifically items like toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and paper towels!

Day 13: Introduce yourself to someone new — take the chance to meet a new neighbor, even if it’s just waving and saying nice to meet you from your porch.

Day 14: Share this challenge with someone — if every one of us took the challenge, imagine what the next two weeks (and beyond) could be like!

However you spend your extra time at home, remember that this is an opportunity to love others well through these circumstances. If you take the 14-Day Detours challenge, let us know! Tag us on social media @LCBCchurch and show us how you’re giving, serving, and loving the people around you.

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