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23 Fall Groups You May Not Have Known Existed

Whether you’re looking to connect with others over a hobby, career, or stage of life, there's more than one way to experience Groups at LCBC!

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We have all kinds of groups kicking off this fall that will connect people from a variety of life stages and regions with shared interests and experiences – including a few you probably wouldn’t have expected! Check out a sampling of our latest groups below, go to our Group Finder to see more options and select which Group would be a great fit for you: 

Groups for Wellness and Health 

Fueled by Faith at LCBC Manheim 

Between fast food, busy schedules, and social pressures, our health and fitness goals can feel out of reach. What does the Bible say about taking care of our bodies? Join us in our 6-week series as we dive into the relationship between our faith and fitness goals. 

Facing Anxiety at LCBC York 

Anxiety is inescapable in today’s world. When stress overpowers us and fear infects our minds, it can feel like the peace the Bible talks about is impossible to find. And no amount of pretending, overworking, or isolating ourselves will offer us the peace we need. Together we'll explore how Christians can face anxiety head-on. With real-life stories from people facing various kinds of anxiety, this series helps us see that peace can be found on this side of eternity. 

Fall into a Healthier You at LCBC Leesport 

This six-week online Group is open to everyone looking to get or stay healthy! We will focus on prayer, staying hydrated, being active, portion control, healthy recipes, and general well-being. 

Be Still and Know - Yoga at LCBC York 

This Group is for women to take a well-deserved break and learn how to become more aware of their breath as they use it to draw closer to God. You’ll learn to link your breath with movement to build spiritual awareness, and gain balance and clarity. The first 15 minutes will be dedicated to checking in on how you are feeling mentally, physically, and emotionally. Each class will end in a guided relaxation where we will let go of our thoughts and open ourselves to rest and prayer.   

Attacking Anxiety - A Group for Young Adults at LCBC Harleysville 

We weren't meant to live in anxiety. It's time to fight back, put anxiety in its place, and reclaim your peace. Even if you don't struggle with anxiety, you probably know someone who does. Come join this Group of young adults as we discuss the weekend messages from LCBC during the month of September. 

Groups for Parents 

For 55+ - Doing Life With Your Adult Children at LCBC Ephrata 

This Group is designed to help parents navigate the toughest and most rewarding parts of parenting grown kids. We’ll talk about situations we encounter raising adult kids, such as when to give advice, knowing the difference between encouraging and enabling, and sharing a home with adult children. 

Parenting Highschoolers at LCBC Harrisburg 

In this Group, High School Ministry parents will gather and engage in real conversations on how to help your teen keep their roots even as they are spreading their wings. Grow together in this season of parenting with others! 

Nature, Moms, & Tween Daughters  at LCBC Ephrata  

This Group is for moms and their 9-10 year-old daughters to get out in nature for light exercise and age-appropriate discussion. You’ll experience a gentle and relaxed atmosphere with other mentoring mothers seeking to guide their daughters to love authentically. We’ll meet each Saturday morning at trails within a reasonable driving distance from Ephrata, Manheim, Lancaster City, York, and Lebanon. 

Intentional Parenting at LCBC West Shore 

Are you the parent of a school-aged child? Drew, the Student Ministry Director at LCBC West Shore, and his wife Jenny have three kids of their own and a heart to help parents navigate the complexities of raising humans! Join them on Wednesday nights for this 5-week group and discover how to move from "quick-fix parenting" to "intentional parenting." You are the greatest influence on your child - no matter what age they are.  

Activity and Hobby-Based Groups 

Guitar Group at LCBC Ephrata 

This Group is for anyone 18 years and older at any skill level of guitar playing! We'll get together to play acoustic guitar, create fellowship, and discuss message-based questions from the weekend. 

Bowling for Fellowship at LCBC Hanover  

This Group is designed for all ages to gather and connect after church on Sundays while enjoying a few games of bowling. 

Wild Faith: Hunting, Fishing, and Faith at LCBC Lebanon 

Men of all ages who love the nature God created will gather to share outdoor experiences and grow their faith as they hunt and fish together. Group members will offer recipes and preparations for gathered food as they share hunting and fishing knowledge and serve in public land areas in the Lebanon area.  

Garage Time at LCBC Waynesboro 

Garage Time is a Group for men of all ages to get together, fix stuff, and find fellowship through a guided study. We meet on Saturday evenings in a workshop where we’ll use our hands to repair various items as we build relationships with one another and our Heavenly Father. Garage Time is a relaxed, come-as-you-are atmosphere!   

Knitters, Crocheters, and Quilters at LCBC West Shore 

Do you quilt, knit, or crochet? In this women’s group, Betsy pairs her passion for quilting with her desire to connect with others and deliver love. Join her with your craft supplies to connect, learn, and create items that will be prayed over and given to local nonprofits. 

Serving at the Ronald McDonald House at LCBC Harrisburg 

Come together as a group to serve the families staying at the Ronald McDonald Family House! This Group will prepare meals onsite in carry-out containers for families to eat in their rooms or take back to the Children’s Hospital. 

Groups for Careers and Life Stages 

First Responders Tribe at LCBC West Shore 

First Responders! Amy, a healthcare professional, knows firsthand the weight of bearing witness to human tragedies. This Group offers anyone in EMS, fire, law enforcement, nursing, and healthcare fields a safe place to talk openly about their experiences. You’ll join a community to help one another reconcile God's goodness in some of the most heartbreaking circumstances, and an outlet to relax in an environment of understanding. 

Married Life – The Crazy Cycle at LCBC Manheim 

Have you ever had a conflict with your spouse where it seemed like there was an issue behind the issue? Married Life is for couples who want to go the distance in their relationship. Join us for six weeks of fun with other couples and quality time with your spouse while learning how to embrace your differences and get off the Crazy Cycle in your marriage. Married Life is for couples in their 40s and up and takes place at LCBC Manheim on Sunday mornings at 9am. Cost: $10 per couple. *Kids, 6 weeks to 8th Grade, can be checked in to their LCBC kidMinistry environment while parents attend Married Life.  

(Not in your 40s but still want to grow in your marriage together? Learn more about a similar group for couples in their 20s and 30s!) 

40+ Singles Group by LCBC Columbia-Montour 

This group is for 40+ singles (divorced, never married, or otherwise) and meets for social events that will facilitate activity and connection. Come find a new friend or two who already understands the social and mental nuances of singleness. 

Doing Life Together by LCBC Coal Township 

Experience the transformative power of community in our Group, where the essence of “doing life together” comes alive. Through fellowship, connections, shared experiences, and spiritual growth, we will create a supportive community that uplifts and encourages. Join us as we walk with one another through this journey of life and grow closer to Jesus. 

Groups for Exploring Your Faith 

Women’s Group: The Prayer Course by LCBC Lebanon 

Women gather together to tackle what many find as the most challenging area of their Christian journey: prayer. This Group exists to help one another learn how to have simple, honest, and relevant conversations with God. 

Examining the Truth by LCBC Manheim 

Do you have questions about faith or the Bible you can't seem to find answers to? This 8-week Group is for anyone interested in taking a deeper exploration into their faith. The goal of this Goup is to create a comfortable and safe space to discuss difficult and confusing topics of the Bible relevant to everyday life, and to provide tools for thinking and living biblically in every area of life. 

What is a Christian? by LCBC Harleysville 

If you are interested in following Jesus or if you have been a follower of Christ for a while, you’ve probably noticed that there are people who say they follow Jesus but don’t act like it. Is that a Christian? Or is that just someone pretending to be a Christian? Is being a Christian made real by what we say or do? What is the difference? Join us for an 8-week series of studies that ask, “what is a Christian?”  

Love in Chaos by LCBC Dickson City 

We don’t have to look far to see division in our world. And in many ways, we are confused, angry, and disillusioned by all the chaos we’re experiencing. How should Christians respond to the chaos? What does it look like to live faithfully in these strange and challenging times? Join bestselling author Bob Goff in this six-session series as he helps us answer these questions. Learn what it looks like to follow Jesus and obey his commands even in a time of chaos. 


Would joining a group be helpful to you in this season? We have even more groups starting up this fall than the ones listed here! Check out our Group Finder to see all the Groups kicking off near you! 


LCBC stands for Lives Changed By Christ. We are one church in multiple locations across Pennsylvania. Find the location closest to you or join us for Church Online. We can’t wait to connect with you! 

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