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3 Ways to Unplug This Holiday Season

Check out 3 things we can intentionally unplug from this holiday season...and it’s not just your phone!

Mental Health
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When it comes to the holiday season, we’ve all experienced missing out on the joy of a moment because we were focused on something else. Technology, expectations, finances—when we dilute our season with distractions, we’re robbing ourselves of the meaning of Christmas. Check out 3 things we can intentionally unplug from this holiday season...and it’s not just your phone!

1. Unplug from Constant Technology

This one may seem simple—or really difficult—but one size doesn't fit all when it comes to being conscious about technology this year. Focus on what aspect of technology is the most distracting for you, whether that’s constantly feeling like you need to capture photos, struggling with dinner conversation being muted by phones, or falling into the comparison trap while browsing social media the rest of the day. 

  • Choose to have a tech-free dinner: Put all your phones in a basket (or stocking?) and bring conversations starters with you on PAPER! Talk to one another and try to ignore the buzzing sounds!
  • Limit your time on social media: It’s so easy to be posting and liking and sharing all day long on the holiday—there’s so much to engage with! But make it a priority to limit your time on social media to an hour or two, and commit to spending the rest of the time in the present with the people around you.

2. Unplug from Others’ Expectations

You may not even realize how much the expectations of others are impacting your holiday season until you think about it, but choosing to let go of what others expect of you can give you back a lot of time spent worrying about others.

  • Let go of having it all together: Especially on social media, we can spend extra time trying to make our lives look perfect. Choose to embrace the mess of reality when you’re posting, or even choose to not post at all instead.
  • Make intentional decisions for your family: Instead of trying to reach and please everyone this season, decide to spend a few intentional hours with your immediate family first and foremost. Your extended family will understand (or learn to be okay with it!).

3. Unplug from Financial Stress

The Christmas season can be a big one for racking up debt—but don’t spend more than you have when it comes to gifts! Be proactive about your budgeting this year and grab great presents for the people on your list while unplugging from the financial stress that will follow.

  • Opt for more budget-friendly gift giving: Instead of agreeing to grab a gift for every sibling, cousin, or friend in your group, suggest doing a Secret Santa gift exchange this year with a spending limit. You’ll save money, but still get to give (and receive!) a great present!
  • Skip the toys and go for experiences: Instead of picking up a few expensive toys for each kid in your family (or on your list), choose to fund an experience. You’ll most likely save a little money buying one experience vs. multiple high quality toys, and you’ll be giving the gift of a fun time that will most likely be remembered more than an outdated toy.

Whatever you’re choosing to unplug from this season, remember that you have the opportunity to enjoy the holiday, not just survive it. Wishing you a very merry Christmas! 

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