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4 Steps to Get Your Student Ready for High School

Check out practical ways to help your student prepare for the start of high school.

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Time flies, doesn’t it? One day, you’re dropping your child off for their first day of kindergarten, and the next, they’re starting high school.

Transitioning to high school can feel exciting, overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, and so much more for students and their parents! As parents, you want to help set your student up for success. Between signing up for classes, extracurriculars, and more, it’s easy to get lost in the busyness of this season. 

These transitions give us an excellent opportunity to slow down and strengthen our relationships with our students. So, let’s do the work it takes to prepare for a fantastic start to the school year.

1. Explore

Take time to dive into the new high school experience with your child. Take a tour of the school, check out a map of where the classes will be or talk to students who are a grade or two above your 9th grader. Explore what clubs are available, which extracurriculars look interesting, and when sports teams start. Make sure to do this on your students’ terms— high school is when children learn to be the most independent they ever have been, so allow them to explore this new world at their own pace.

2. Engage

High school can be scary-your child suddenly goes from the top position of middle school to the bottom of the high school social ladder. Additionally, they may begin processing what life could look like after high school. Your child may feel overwhelmed by all the decisions they’ll be making over the next 4 years; be patient and supportive as they make plans. Remind them that God is in control. 

Lean into your community and support system. Call other parents or join a group of families to stay connected. Know that you are not alone and neither is your student! Your student can lean into their group at HSM for weekly support. 

Check in with your child about how the transition is going. Being a listening ear can help them identify how they are truly feeling about their new experience. Show up to sports games, plays, or musicals to experience the new things your child enjoys. They’ll appreciate your presence and support!

Be sure to pray together as a family for wisdom and strength for the exciting adventure ahead. 

3. Educate

Now is the time to brush up on your high school knowledge! Take time at the beginning of the school year to help your high schooler develop good study habits and a routine. Go to back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences, and open houses to get to know your child’s teachers and other parents in the same boat! Learn about colleges, SATs, AP classes, and career centers alongside your child. 

4. Enjoy

These are the final four years you will have with your child until they gain even more independence and start their adult lives; enjoy the good moments, learn from the messy moments, and every moment in-between. Remember to take time to do fun activities together, laugh as a family, and dig into your relationship more than ever. These years will fly by-but they will be memorable for you and your high schooler.


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LCBC stands for Lives Changed By Christ, and we're one church in multiple locations across Pennsylvania with a mission to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him. To learn more about LCBC’s Student Ministry and how your student in Grades 5-12 can get involved, visit

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