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4 Steps to Get Your Student Ready for Middle School

Check out practical ways to help your student prepare for the start of middle school.

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Change can be challenging! No one likes when a routine is suddenly switched-up; this is true for us as adults, and it is especially true for our students! 

When our students transition from elementary to middle school, it can feel exciting, overwhelming, anxiety-inducing, and so much more! These transitions give us an excellent opportunity to dig in and strengthen our relationships. So, let’s do the work it takes to prepare for a fantastic start to the school year.

1. Explore

One of the scariest parts of moving up to middle school is the logistics— will your child be in a new building? What time is lunch? Where are all the classrooms? How do you know what activities are offered? 

Before school starts, take some time to explore the school website, take a tour of the building if possible, and look at the handbook together. Reviewing rules, maps, and schedules before the first day of school can ease some anxiety surrounding the unknown.

2. Engage

Lean on your community and support system. Call other parents or join a group of other families to stay connected. Know that you are not alone— and neither is your student! 

Encourage your child to join some clubs, extracurricular activities, or sports to get to know people. And above all, engage with your church community during this transition to find support, encouragement, and community. Middle schoolers can join a group at Collide, where they’ll engage every weekend with their peers and grow in their relationship with God.

Middle school can be scary- your child suddenly goes from the top position of elementary school to the bottom of the middle school social ladder. Friendships grow and change in the middle school years, and they can feel tumultuous and unpredictable at times. Help your student identify healthy friendships through this 10-day Bible reading plan.

Take time to listen to your student as they express their feelings about middle school classes. Ask questions and help them identify their worries and fears. Check out our series for middle schoolers All The Feels for practical ways to identify and navigate different feelings.

3. Educate

Middle school can be overwhelming socially and logistically, but it can also seem difficult academically. Take time at the beginning of the school year to develop good study habits and a routine with your new middle schooler. Go to back-to-school nights, parent-teacher conferences, and open houses to get to know your child’s teachers and other parents in the same boat! 

4. Enjoy

Enjoy this adventure with your new middle school student. Take extra time as a family to do some of your favorite activities, dive into conversation, or spend time laughing together to ease some of the stress. These days can feel never-ending- but know that the light at the end of middle school is already approaching.

If you're interested in other resources for your new middle schooler, check out:

Voices: A 5-day Bible reading plan that encourages us to listen to God’s voice instead of the voices of others.Help! I’m Being Bullied: a 7-day plan on navigating the issue of bullying.

LCBC stands for Lives Changed By Christ, and we're one church in multiple locations across Pennsylvania with a mission to introduce people to Jesus and together fully follow him. To learn more about LCBC’s Student Ministry and how your student in Grades 5-12 can get involved, visit

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