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4 Tips to Maximize Your Online Group

If you’re part of an Online Group, here are 4 tips to maximize your Online Group and make the most out of meeting together.

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These days, it can be hard to find a place and time that works for everyone when it comes to hosting a Group. Between schedules, kids, sickness, and distance, prioritizing getting together and connecting can be complicated. The good news is, technology is making it easier than ever to connect with others from right where you are! If you’re part of an Online Group, the time you spend with your people is just as valuable whether you’re across the room or across the country. Here are 4 tips to maximize your Online Group and make the most out of meeting together.

1. Be Present

Just like a Group that meets in-person, it’s easy to get distracted when meeting online. Be intentional about not having any other tabs open other than your video software during Group, and give them your undivided attention! People are the point, so make sure they feel cared for and listened to.

2. Test Your Tech

Prior to your first Group meeting, get familiar with whatever tech platform you plan to use. You don’t want to be fumbling through how to use the tool while you are trying to have meaningful conversation. Try planning a meeting where you sign on together, introduce yourselves, and make sure that your chosen tool works well for everyone! This can help break the ice as you prepare to jump into content the following week.

3. View Content Ahead of Time

If your Group is working through a video study, watch the content ahead of your Group and familiarize yourself with it. When you all watch the content first, it will give you more time to dive right into Group and into the deep and meaningful conversation that you’ll find together.

4. Pray Together

Don’t skip this one! It may feel odd at first, but prayer isn’t reserved for being in the same room as one another. You can experience a meaningful and powerful time connecting through prayer over video. Take turns each week having one person pray for the Group or take prayer requests over the video and and divide them amongst each of you and pray together. You won’t regret taking the time to make this happen!

However your Group operates Online, make the most of it by logging on every week ready to learn, grow, and become more like Jesus together!

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