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5 Mental Health Benefits of Being in A Group

Did you know connecting regularly with others can have a positive affect on your mental health?

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When you're struggling with your mental health, it can be tempting to isolate yourself from others. Unfortunately, this tends to make matters worse! Forming and investing in quality relationships can make a huge difference and benefit your mental health. It's easier than ever to connect with others and build valuable, lasting friendships in a Group at LCBC! Below you’ll find 5 ways that Groups help maintain a healthy outlook and promote mental health, and learn how to connect in a Group today.

A Group gives you a safe space to express yourself

As humans, when we’re alone with our own thoughts too long, we often start to fall prey to negativity, or even lies that we tell ourselves (check out Ecclesiastes 4:9-12). Having a Group filled with other people to bounce your thoughts and opinions off of provides a place where you can be yourself, ask questions, and speak your mind to people who want to listen and help you make the best decisions. Avoid isolation and the fear that it breeds by being a part of that space, and by creating it for the other people in your Group, too.

A Group allows you to see alternate perspectives

Similar to being prone to negative thoughts, when you spend too much time away from others, you can start to only see the world from where you stand. A Group will not only help you make better life choices, but it will also help you see how other people in situations different from your own are making their decisions. This will grow your capacity for empathy, leading to better relationships and more meaningful connections with everyone around you.

A Group is a support system

A Group will celebrate with you when you get that promotion, and they’ll also mourn with you when you unexpectedly lose a grandparent. They will give you advice on what laptop brand to buy, and maybe even drop off an old desk chair they weren’t using anymore when yours breaks unexpectedly. They’ll be prayer warriors as you go through hard times, and encouragement to stay focused on your goals. Your Group isn’t just a random set of people who you talk to once a week—they’re a support system for the ups and downs of life, and everything in between. 

A Group combats loneliness 

According to the Mental Health America website, loneliness has been associated with a higher risk of high blood pressure, while people with strong social and community ties were 50% more likely to live a longer life. But you don’t need stats like that to know that no one wants to be lonely. Being in a Group means having an active touchpoint with other people during the week, giving you someone to talk to and something to look forward to.

A Group communicates value

Everyone wants to know that they matter. A Group is a place where you won’t only hear that, you’ll experience it. Whether you’re discussing big things or small, being in a Group will challenge you, comfort you, and help you grow in ways you may never have otherwise. And your Group members will grow alongside you, reminding you how valuable you are every step of the way.


Don’t wait to talk to your Group about what to focus on next, or to jump into a Group and start connecting! LCBC has Groups based on life stage, studies, hobbies and interests, and more. Check out the Group Finder to find your people. And to learn more about how connecting with others can benefit your mental health, visit the Mental Health America website.


LCBC stands for Lives Changed By Christ. We are one church in multiple locations across Pennsylvania. Find the location closest to you or join us for Church Online. We can’t wait to connect with you!

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