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5 Tips for Praying With and For Your Kids

Tips for modeling daily prayer for your kids!

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Prayer is a personal connection with God, an opportunity to strengthen our relationship with him through conversation. Many people feel uncertain or awkward when it comes to praying. 

 It's essential to remember that prayer is not about following a set formula or using the perfect words. In fact, it's perfectly okay to not know how to pray. The key lies in approaching prayer with an open heart, ready to listen to God's voice. By modeling our prayer lives, we can inspire our children to develop their own meaningful relationship with God. 

1. Be authentic

Prayer is not a rigid script but rather a conversation with God. It is an expression of our innermost thoughts, desires, and struggles. Even if we stumble over our words or feel at a loss for what to say, we can start by simply speaking from the heart.  

True prayer is about opening ourselves to God, allowing him to work within us and guide us. When our children see us interact with God authentically, it helps them understand that prayer is not about perfection, but sincerity. 

2. Model prayer in everyday life

Prayer doesn’t have to be confined to specific times or places. While moments like mealtime or bedtime are valuable, we can expand our understanding of prayer by engaging with God throughout the day. We can model prayer while driving to school, preparing breakfast, or being stuck in traffic. We can teach our children that God is always listening and is ready to talk to us anytime.  

3. Share God's responses

Prayer is a conversation, and God answers in various ways. It's important to model gratitude by acknowledging how God has responded to our prayers. Sometimes the answers may not align with our desires, but we can trust in God’s plan. By sharing our experiences of answered prayers, we teach our kids that God hears us and actively participates in our lives. 

4. Suggest non-traditional prayer

Kids can be encouraged to pray using routine prayers or by simply speaking their minds to God. Another avenue for prayer is through music, which can be a powerful means of expressing emotions and connecting with God.  

Keeping a prayer journal may help kids express themselves through writing. With a prayer journal, they can look back and see how God has answered their prayers in the past.

5. Consistently pray for your kids

Parenting is a challenging journey, and we need God’s guidance and support. God desires to walk alongside us as we raise our kids. Praying for our kids with intentionality strengthens our relationship with them and with God.  

Whether it's a nightly routine prayer by their bedroom door, during their homework sessions, or right before a doctor’s appointment, prioritizing consistent prayer shows our kids the importance of seeking God's presence in every aspect of life. 

Prayer can transform our lives and the lives of our kids. It is not about adhering to rigid rituals or using perfect words, but about fostering an authentic connection with God. As parents, we get to model a prayerful life for our kids. By having an authentic prayer life, we are teaching our kids that they can rely on God for everything. Here are more resources for engaging in prayer: 

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