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5 Ways to Bring Meaning to Christmas Morning

If you鈥檙e looking for some tips and tricks to make the morning more memorable, check out 5 ways to bring more meaning to Christmas morning.

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Christmas morning is an especially exciting time鈥攆illed with anticipation, giving, and the holiday spirit. And while we all want waking up on Christmas to be as perfect as possible, sometimes the magic of the holiday can disappear as quickly as it came. 

If you鈥檙e looking for some tips and tricks to make the morning a little more memorable, check out 5 ways to bring more meaning to Christmas morning

1. Plan to eat a Christmas breakfast together

Before diving into presents, spend time as a family cooking, preparing, and eating a big Christmas-themed breakfast together. Use it as a time to be with each other and create something that you can all look forward to and enjoy that is more about relationships instead of gifts.

2. Read the Christmas story 

Be intentional about reading the Christmas story this year after you all wake up to set the tone for the rest of the holiday and its true meaning. If you have kids, check out some more creative ways you can share it this year!

3. Look back on the past year

Spend some time reminiscing on all that the year has brought, both on a personal level and as a family! Play highs & lows, talk about what you鈥檙e grateful for, and set upcoming goals or vacation plans. 

4. Reserve the morning

Instead of rushing through the morning and racing off to wherever you need to be for festivities, decide to spend the morning together as a family first. Sleep in, wake up slowly, grab some coffee and collect on the couch. You鈥檒l appreciate the time together before the crazy day of Christmas takes off.

5. Serve each other

Take the opportunity to focus on serving one another as a family. Have each member of your tribe choose a practical way to serve each other on Christmas morning, whether that鈥檚 doing the dishes after breakfast, offering to make coffee for everyone, or heating up the car before you leave, choosing a way to love each other the morning of Christmas is a fun way to keep the true meaning of the holiday in front of you.

Don鈥檛 miss the opportunity to make the most of Christmas morning this year, no matter what you choose to do to bring more meaning to it. 

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