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Getting In A Group for the Whole Family

No matter how old you are or what life stage you’re in, you can find a Group that fits your life and schedule with the details below!

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As people, we were never created to do life on our own. It’s why we crave relationships and community with others - from the moment we’re born to even after we retire! Connecting with others helps us find common ground, see the world from a different perspective, and build a community of people who we can depend on in good times and hard times. At LCBC, you’ll find all of that and more when you get in a Group, and no matter how old you are or what life stage you’re in, you can find a Group that fits your life and schedule with the details below!

Groups for Adults

Whether you’re a young adult just out of high school or at the time in your life when you’re looking forward to retirement, every season in our church brings with it more opportunities to be part of a Group! You can find a Group based on a study, hobby, or interest, or one based on life stage, current life events, or even opportunities to grow in areas like goal-setting, finances, and more!

How to Start: Check out all the available Groups for Adults right now by using our Group Finder, where you can search for a Group by categories like Young Adults, Parenting, Marriage, and more!

Groups for Kids (Ages 2 - Grade 4)

Connecting with others isn’t just for adults! Help your child grow in their faith with friends in a kidGroup, where they’ll spend time with a Leader and other kids their age connecting about the Bible story they’re learning, participating in activities, and having fun together. All of our kidGroups are led by experienced Leaders and are designed to help reinforce your child’s relationship with God, friends, and their community!

How to Start: kidGroups currently meet in-person during our weekend gatherings at our locations or online, with multiple time options available. If you are new to LCBC and have been joining us for Church Online, your child can join a Group through the LCBC location closest to you.

Groups for Students (Grades 5-8)

Everything is more fun when you do it with friends! For our middle school students, jumping into a Group as a part of our weekend gatherings is the perfect way to keep the fun going. Students will meet weekly with others of their same grade and gender to talk about life, dig deeper into what they’re learning in Collide, and just be there for one another. If you have a student or you are a student in grades 5-8, make sure you’re attending the same gathering time each week so you can get to know one another and build a solid community!

How to Start: Collide Groups currently meet in-person across our locations during Collide weekend gatherings, or online. If you're currently joining us for Church Online, LCBC Student Ministry will get you into an online Collide Group - Fill out this form to get started.

Groups for Students (Grades 9-12)

Is there anything better than getting to see your friends every week? Students in grades 9-12 move right from their time in-person at their location for HSM (High School Ministry) on Wednesday nights into their Group. They’ll spend time laughing, learning, and probably eating food together as they dig deeper into what they’re learning and building a community of friendship with other students of their same grade and gender.

How to Start: HSM Groups are currently meeting in-person as a part of weekly HSM gatherings, or if you're already connected to a Group that meets in-person, but you prefer to join online, LCBC Student Ministry can help get you connected - Fill out this form to get started.

To learn more about why we do Groups at LCBC, or just to explore what it means to be in a Group, visit

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