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Top Christian Parenting Resources

We recommend the following resources to spark great conversations with your kids and teens about faith.

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Parenting isn’t easy, and we all want to be the best parent possible for our kids—especially when it comes to introducing them to faith, and supporting them in every stage of development. But the good news is, you don’t have to be an expert! The best kind of Christian parenting resources are the ones you can explore when you have the time and dive deeper into when you need them. We recommend the following resources to spark great conversations with your kids and teens about faith. We’ve categorized these resources by format:


Intentional Parenting

When you’re in the middle of a parenting moment, it’s not always easy to choose intentionality over a quick-fix solution—this book highlights 10 ways to stay intentional as a parent and focus on positively influencing your kids to become healthy and independent young adults. Grab it on Amazon!

801 Questions Kids Ask About God

Just because you’re a parent doesn’t mean you have all the answers! This book is a deep dive of all the crazy, confusing, and sometimes incredibly insightful questions that your kids might end up asking you about God, faith, heaven, and the Bible. Keep it on your bookshelf and always feel prepared to answer!

Shepherding A Child’s Heart

Written as a christian parenting resource for any age, this book highlights how to look beyond your kids’ behaviors and into their hearts, with fresh biblical perspectives to lead your family in the right direction. Alter your perspective on parenting with this resource.

Apps & Websites

The Bible App for Kids

Get your kids excited to learn about the Bible on their level—and follow along with them with a kid-friendly version of YouVersion’s Bible App. Download the most popular kids Bible app for free, and help your kids fall in love with God's Word. Learn more at

Common Sense Media

Ever wish you could learn about a movie, TV show, book, or game before your child engages with it? Common Sense Media is where you can go to get the lowdown on entertainment so you can be prepared to say “That’s fine” or “I don’t think so” the next time your kid asks to watch a movie on Netflix.

The Culture Translator

Created to demystify teen culture, this resource by Axis provides insight into the often confusing and sometimes scary world of teen culture. When you sign up for The Culture Translator, you’ll receive a weekly email updating you on what’s going on in the world that will affect teens. It’s topical, it’s free, and it’s super insightful!

Christian Sexuality

It’s no secret that talking about sexuality with teens can be awkward. This video-based experience can help you prompt and navigate conversations about Jesus, sex, and gender. You’ll walk away from the experience with tools to build trust and understanding with your teens.

Impact 360 Institute

Impact 360 Institute is dedicated to raising the next generation of Christian leaders. You can check out their articles and online courses here.

No matter what your parenting style looks like, these resources can help you keep your faith at the forefront of your family and offer support to make your Christian parenting process the best it can be!

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