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Uncommon Ground Toolkit

In a world that’s divided, it’s easier to pick a side than to fight for unity. Are you ready to stand on uncommon ground?

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In a world that’s divided, it’s easier to pick a side than to fight for unity. But we have a higher calling. Are you ready to stand on uncommon ground?

In our series Uncommon Ground, we’re talking about what it means to really honor each other—even when we live in a world that seems to be constantly looking for ways to divide us. As you engage with the series and dive deeper into the concept of true honor and unity, use the resources in this toolkit on your own or in your Group to explore and learn more about what it really means to find uncommon ground.

To Read:

The Third Option by Miles McPherson (Book)

Pastor and speaker Miles McPherson explores how we can find hope even in our divided nation, specifically when it comes to racial and cultural tensions and seeing and loving others the way that God does.

Heart Check: Are You Living with Compassion?(Article)

This 3-minute read will help you check your heart and compare it to what Jesus cared about when it came to loving and honoring others. Hint: it’s not just following the rules.

7 Days of Prayer (Devotional)

Looking at our world today, it can feel impossible to know where to start when it comes to unity. So let’s start with prayer. Join us for a 7-day guided prayer devotional as we ask God to lead us in loving each other in whatever season we’re in. Find this devotional exclusively on the LCBC App!

The Power of Unity (Bible Reading Plan)

Take part in this 4-day Bible Reading Plan created by Dr. Tony Evans on bridging the racial gap and finding oneness. Available on or the YouVersion Bible App.

Fighting For Unity In A Divided World (Bible Reading Plan)

Spend time in this 5-day Bible Reading Plan created by Life.Church answering the question, “How do you faithfully follow Jesus in a divided world?” Available on or the YouVersion Bible App.

To Watch:

The Third Option - Special Guest Miles McPherson (Sermon)

We live in an Us vs. Them culture, where we're told we have to choose a side and choose an enemy. But the truth is, when it comes to any topic, there is always a third option. Join special guest Pastor Miles McPherson as he shares his heart and knowledge on division and how we can be more like Jesus.

Love That’s Easy to See (Sermon)

Our society wants to see change, but we aren’t always working to make it happen. As a follower of Jesus, we have an even greater reason to fight slacktivism—and increase our capacity for compassion.

Who Is My Neighbor? (Sermon)

When we hear the command to love God and love people, it sounds easy. Love those who love us, who are easy to love, who deserve our love. But what if the call to love our neighbor wasn't just a nice idea...but a way of life?

We Are Not Qualified to Pick Up Stones (Sermon)

When it comes to being perfect, we know that we’ll never get there. But we can make the mistake of thinking we’re qualified to judge others—even when we’re not. And the only person qualified to condemn us has chosen to love us instead.

The Honor Competition (Sermon)

We each have an invisible line of standards that we create for other people, and when they don’t measure up, our respect for them lowers. But Jesus called his followers to honor everyone, no matter what we think our standards are. If we’re focused on outdoing each other in the way we honor others, we’ll never lose the honor competition.

To Save:


Tap each wallpaper to download and save it to your device. You can use wallpapers as a reminder to seek honor and unity throughout this series and beyond!

To Listen:

LCBC Church Spotify Account & Playlists (Music)

Stay up-to-date on the worship happening each week during our LCBC gatherings. Play this playlist throughout the week whenever you need some extra encouragement!

When Religion Meets Politics, Parts 1-3 - Your Move with Andy Stanley (Podcast)

Is it possible to disagree with someone politically and yet love them unconditionally? Specifically aimed at the intersection of religion and politics, join Pastor Andy Stanley as he unpacks hard questions and gives insight on how to handle a politically divided world as followers of Jesus.

Broadening Your Circle - T.D. Jakes (Sermon Podcast)

Bishop T.D. Jakes takes on the subject of how important it really is to broaden your circle when you’re a follower of Jesus - and how it will grow your faith in the process.

To Do:

Get in an Uncommon Ground Group

Come together with others and dive into content surrounding our Uncommon Ground series - take part in discussions, answer questions, and learn from one another as you explore what it means to really honor one another. Go through the curriculum with your Group or find a Group to jump into with LCBC’s Group Finder.

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