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Bible Reading / A Deeper Look into the Christmas Story

Day 3: No Room for Jesus


Read: Luke 2:1-7

These days, when we’re out in stores shopping for Christmas presents, we see a lot of reindeer, Santas, and life-sized snowmen. But it usually takes a little searching to find a nativity scene: Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Sometimes it seems like there isn’t much room in our culture for Jesus — a fact that the very first Christmas mirrors, when there was no guest room available for Mary, Joseph, and their baby.

But we know that Christmas is about more than the decorations, the tree, the presents, and even the people we get to celebrate it alongside. It’s about the birth of Jesus, who came to save our world.

The bottom-line questions for humanity are: “Will you recognize who Jesus is, believe in him and seek forgiveness? Will you give Jesus room in your heart?” Maybe all around you in your own life you seem to be focusing on the wrong things: painful relationships, experiences that didn’t go your way, or points of failure. But the birth of Jesus brings hope to every circumstance. He came to give new life and take a prominent place in the middle of your former mess.

Choose to welcome Jesus into your heart this Christmas and every day. Give him the room he desires and deserves in the center of your life.