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Bible Reading / A Deeper Look into the Christmas Story

Day 4: The Light of the World


Read: Luke 2:8-20

Additional verses:

  • John 3:19

  • John 8:12

On that first Christmas night, God’s Light literally emblazoned the heavens. He placed an unusually powerful star in the sky that glowed for weeks afterward. The magnitude of the star also drew the attention of wise astronomers in a distant palace who followed the star’s movement to discover the promised child. God’s light can lead.

Shepherds on a hill near Bethlehem had never seen such a dazzling display. Their awe compounded when multiple thousands of angels filled the night sky and sang a song that shook the infinity of heaven and rang into the depths of hell. It was the greatest anthem ever sung, heralding the Son of God and glorifying God. Few living people have had a glimpse of heaven’s glory and light like those humble shepherds. The wonder of the night’s lights engulfed them as the “glory of the Lord shone around them,” witnesses to God’s grace.

Allow Jesus to shine his light into your life and show you the way. You do not need to walk blindly or alone. His forgiveness and presence are promised. Believe in the Light of the World and walk in his way, and he will bring you out of the darkness and into his glorious light.

“Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to YOU!”