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Bible Reading / All In | A Baptism Bible Reading Plan

Day 4: Your story is becoming part of God's story


Read: Acts 8:4-13

Additional Reading: Acts 8:26-40, Acts 2:41

Did you know courage can be contagious? When someone does something brave and momentous, it can affect the people who witness it in more ways than we think.

From beginning to end, the Bible is telling the story of God’s plan to redeem humanity from sin and brokenness. Our stories of life change and redemption are small pieces in God’s greater story of how he is redeeming everything. Baptism shows how our individual stories are being subsumed by God’s greater story in the most beautiful way possible.

What we often forget is that our Baptism that symbolizes our lives being redeemed by God may be the piece of understanding that someone else is missing. Your declaration of faith might be exactly the nudge that someone else needs to take their next step and get baptized.

Challenge: Pray that your story of faith will lead others to make the choice to be baptized.