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Bible Reading / Audience of One

Day 5 - Strategy 4 - Fight Fear of Man with Confidence in God


Read: 1 Kings 18:18-39

If we are going to live our lives for an Audience of One, to live to please him and him alone, then that means there are going to be times when we are going to have to do something unpopular. Maybe it’s going against the crowd, maybe it’s disappointing someone you respect, or maybe it’s doing what’s right even if there are consequences.

That’s where the prophet Elijah found himself in 1 Kings 18.

Israel is in a bad spot in this passage. They are three years into a drought, and even though they are God’s chosen nation, there are hundreds and hundreds of prophets worshiping a false god by the name of Baal. On the other hand, Elijah, still fiercely devoted to God, goes to the King and throws down a challenge: All the prophets of Baal vs Elijah, the singular prophet for God, in a head-to-head competition. Whoever’s god was able to light a bull on fire was the true God.

What gave Elijah the courage to stand up for God and do what was unpopular (and dangerous) in the face of everyone else going the other way? He had a supreme confidence in God.

You’ll see that when the prophets of Baal’s prayers don’t work, Elijah mocks them, basically saying that maybe Baal can’t hear them because he’s on the toilet.

When it’s Elijah’s turn, he stacks the odds against him, commanding people to absolutely and utterly drench his bull in water.

And while the prophets of Baal tried for hours and hours to get Baal to act, Elijah said just a few sentences, knowing that would be enough.

Elijah fought off the fear of man by putting his confidence in God. And it paid off: God sets the bull on fire and proves he is the one true God.

Where in your life could you use some God-confidence? When you are worried about what people will think of you, or doing an unpopular thing, or what the fallout might be as you make a hard decision to please him, remember:

  • You’ve got God on your side
  • He is with you.
  • He is faithful.
  • He is the one true God.
  • And he will always come through.