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Bible Reading / Book By Book: Quarter 1

Day 37

JOS.23, JOS.24

Between chapters 6 and 23, Joshua and the people engage in more battles. There are ups and downs along the way as the people remember or forget to depend on God. They then divide the conquered land among the families or tribes of Israel. Chapter 22 is Joshua’s farewell to the two and a half tribes who are returning to the east side of the Jordan River. Joshua then challenges the leaders and the people to remain faithful to God so he can continue to demonstrate his power to all other nations by blessing Israel. As God has blessed in the past, he is able to bless in the future, so long as they obey.

When we read challenges like this, we should be reminded of our celebrations of remembrance, like Communion. Regardless of what setbacks or fears we experience in life, we can look back to Jesus’ death to remember that God’s love or willingness to provide for us cannot reasonably be questioned.