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In chapters 21-27, David continues to be loyal to Saul and Israel. He knows he will be king one day and sees no reason to force God’s plan to happen. He knows God will do what he says he will do. The Philistines attack Saul, and although he wants to know what God would have him do, he gets no answer. As a result, he turns to the power of evil for his information and is told that he and his sons will die.

At Saul’s darkest time, he finally wants God to guide him. It doesn’t appear Saul was genuinely interested in doing things God’s way; he just wanted help to get out of his current situation. He finally realizes things are out of control, but it is too late. Being a foxhole worshipper of God is the wrong way to go. We should follow him in good and bad times; when we feel strong and when we feel weak.