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This reading plan is the second part of a four-part plan. In the previous plan, we read chapters for Genesis through 2 Samuel. In the remainder of 2 Samuel, the conclusion of David’s reign is described. Under David, Israel does not return to the strength it had before David sinned.

1 Kings begins with the transition of the kingship from David to Solomon. As noted earlier, David disobeyed God by having numerous wives. That meant he also had many sons, and there was uncertainty about which one should be his successor. The first two chapters of 1 Kings tell of that intrigue. In today’s reading, Solomon asks for wisdom. He must have already been wise to have known to ask for more.

If God asked you what you wanted him to give you, what would you ask for: money, good health, a loving marriage? It would be better to ask for something like faith, wisdom, or love for God and others. The things we need most aren’t always the things we want most.