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Bible Reading / Book by Book: Quarter 2

Day 37

1CHR.28, 1CHR.29

In chapter 22, we read of David getting ready to build the Temple by collecting materials. In chapters 23-27, David organizes the Levites (priestly clan) to get them ready to serve in the Temple. All of this is designed to successfully launch his son Solomon’s rule.

In our chapter toady, David publicly challenges the people, and Solomon in particular, to follow through on building the Temple and remain faithful to God. With David having given his final instructions, he passes the kingship to his son. The transition is marked by many sacrifices being made in praise to God. God has kept his promise to David that his son would rule.

This history is being written down to be read by the people of Judah who have suffered terrible defeat. They are reminded through their history of the importance of centering themselves on God rather than their current circumstance. Solomon isn’t told to build good walls around the city or a big treasury; he is told to build a strong relationship with God. When going through a dark time, it is easy to think the solution is to change the circumstance: finding a spouse, a better job or a cure from an illness becomes the top priority rather than pursuing a stronger relationship with God.