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Bible Reading / Book by Book: Quarter 2

Day 45

2CHR.14, 2CHR.15

Chapters 11-13 tell of the rest of Rehoboam’s reign and his son Abijah. Today’s chapters talk about the reign of Asa, one of Judah’s best kings. Asa begins his reign by getting rid of objects of worship that would turn people away from God. Then in chapter 15, he gets rid of some idols as well. Either Asa fails to get rid of all the false objects of worship the first time around or the people re-build some of them during the 30 years between chapter 14 and 15.

The need to regularly purge the things that distract us from God is still present today. We are never completely rid of all of it, and some of it has a tendency to creep back into our lives. Asa needed Azariah to remind him to stay close to God and so do we. Reading the Bible or going to church to hear teachings from the Bible are great ways to remind ourselves of things that get between us and God.