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Bible Reading / Book by Book: Quarter 3

Day 17

JER.1, JER.2

Jeremiah was a prophet during the last years before Judah was defeated by Babylon. He is predicting Judah’s downfall, so he is delivering messages that are both hard to hear and hard to deliver. Chapter 1 records the time when God told Jeremiah he was to be God’s spokesperson. Jeremiah is concerned because he is young and doesn’t think people will listen to him. God lets Jeremiah know God has chosen him and he can trust God to take care of things.

Chapter 2 illustrates the relationship between God and Judah in a number of ways. It starts out well, like a couple that is in the beginning stages of infatuation, but turns sour over time. God says he has been faithful throughout, but Judah has pursued other inferior relationships. Verse 13 paints an interesting picture we miss in our time since most of us get water from faucets. God says he is like a spring of water, while Judah is digging leaking cisterns. Water from a spring tastes great! Water from a cistern is stagnant. Even worse: the cistern doesn’t hold water. God is saying you could have had a great relationship with me, but you chose something far worse.

We are confronted with the same choice today. I can choose to do life God’s way and enhance my relationship with the Creator of the universe who loves me unconditionally, or I can opt for something far less meaningful.