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In this chapter, the church begins to organize around specific tasks that need to be done. With growth, the amount of work needing to be done grows too. In those days it was difficult for older widows with no children to support themselves. In the Jewish culture, it was common for these widows to be supported by the community. The widows from Jerusalem were already being cared for, but the Helenistic, or Greek-speaking, widows were not. The Apostles didn’t want to be distracted from their main duties to address the problem of these widows, so they delegated the responsibility to those who could be trusted to take care of the issue well. One of these trusted people is Stephen. He not only helps widows, but is spreading the message of Jesus as well. Since the Apostles were too popular for the religious leaders to arrest, they went after Stephen instead. Churches still organize in this way today. The Senior Pastor can’t do it all, so some of the work that needs to be done is given to other staff or volunteers. The task isn’t delegated to someone else because the Senior Pastor is too important to do the job. Instead it is done so the job he is uniquely suited for continues to get done while someone else does what is best for that person. We should all be involved in the ministry of the church and do our jobs in ways that honor God.