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Bible Reading / Daily New Testament: Quarter 2

Day 82

1 Thessalonians 5

Continuing with the subject of Jesus’ return, Paul lets the church know Jesus will come unexpectedly. Those who have not believed in Jesus will feel secure, like people do when they are locked into their homes at night. Then Jesus will return and, suddenly and unexpectedly, that feeling of security will be gone. For those who have believed in Jesus, his return will not cause fear because he will not pour out his anger on us. Paul then concludes his letter with some additional encouragement to continue to behave well. Paul’s teaching on Jesus’ return should be both a comfort and an encouragement to continue working. We are comforted to know that Jesus’ return will bring a victorious ending for those who have trusted in Jesus. However, we need to continue to work to bring others to Jesus, because God’s anger awaits those who have not trusted Jesus.