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Jesus’ ministry is about to begin, but first he attends the wedding of a family friend. It is here Jesus first reveals something about his glory, and this compels his disciples to believe in him (v. 11). They see what perhaps we do not - that Jesus’ miracle is a “sign” pointing to the reality that he is the promised Jewish Messiah (after all, those are no ordinary jars in which he turns water into wine; note v. 6). What first pointed you to Jesus as Someone you could trust?

The chapter continues with Jesus entering Jerusalem when one of the most important Jewish celebrations was about to begin – Passover, where God is remembered for saving his people. What Jesus finds, however, is far from true worship. In fact, “God’s house,” the Temple, has been turned into a market. How easily our hearts are turned away from what is most important. In what ways have you experienced this in your life? Finally, Jesus shocks the Jewish leaders with why he really came – and he leaves their heads spinning as to the location of the true Temple, the place where God dwells. What do you make of verses 18-22?