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The first part of this chapter records a conversation that, culturally speaking, should never have happened. A faithful Jew would never talk to a Samaritan, and certainly not a Samaritan woman – much less one with a sordid past. But this is what is amazing about Jesus! He challenges our assumptions and offers grace to those we think least deserve it. The result is that this woman, along with many others in her village, becomes a life changed by Christ. Pay close attention to how this transformation happens and realize we can, and should, have such life-giving conversations about Jesus with others today (see vv. 34-38). The chapter concludes with what John refers to as “the second miraculous sign” pointing to who Jesus really is. Read through the story of the little boy’s healing, and ask yourself, “What kind of person has that kind of power where just a word will heal someone at a distance?” Also take note of the concern Jesus expresses in verse 38. What do you make of his comment? Is it possible that people might focus more on the “sign” than on what, or who, the sign is pointing us to? Can you relate to that in your own life?