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We have now reached what is the climactic sign which reveals who Jesus really is – the raising of his dear friend, Lazarus, from the dead. John has recorded some amazing miracles performed by Jesus up to this point, but nothing quite like this. What kind of person has that kind of power to raise the dead? Read through the story, and be amazed both at Jesus’ power, but also at his tender love for the members of this family.

Give careful attention to what he shares with Martha in verses 25-26, which is yet another “I am . . .” saying of Jesus. How do you respond to his words there? And how do you reconcile them with what is about to happen to Jesus – his own death? Finally, this miracle encouraged many to believe in Jesus, but it also led the religious leaders to settle once and for all that Jesus must die. Clearly, all of the Bible knowledge in the world (and these guys had a lot!) and the conviction that someone has spiritual power (and they believed Jesus did – see v. 47) are not enough to keep our hearts sensitive to what God is doing in our midst. That should give us pause. What can you be doing to keep your heart tender toward God?