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As this chapter reveals, Jesus knows what is coming – his death on the cross, preceded by the betrayal of one of his followers (Judas), and the repeated denial of another (Simon Peter). It is no wonder he was “deeply troubled” at this meal (v. 21, probably the Last Supper). And yet, in an extraordinary act of humility, he shows his disciples just why he came – not to be served, but to serve. Disciples normally served their teachers. And when it came to foot-washing, it was typically a household servant who took care of this common act of hospitality. But Jesus turns all of this on its head and rightly asks his followers, including us today, “Do you understand what I was doing?” (v. 12). Do we? Later that evening, Jesus makes his point again, reflecting back on the foot-washing, but almost certainly looking ahead to his sacrificial death as well. After reading the entire chapter, go back and read verses 34-35 slowly, reflecting on how we can better live out the example of Jesus in our world today.