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Back in chapter 13, Jesus predicted that Judas would betray him and Peter would deny him, and here we read about the fulfillment of those prophetic words. Nevertheless, while Jesus knew this was coming, it must have been heartbreaking for him to watch these men he loved so deeply turn against him. And yet, it is clear in this chapter that Jesus is in control of what is happening to him (just as he said back in 10:17-18). He is not looking to fight back or resist arrest; he is doing exactly what his Father had sent him into the world to do – to be the good Shepherd who lays down his life for his sheep (10:11). Pilate, the Roman governor, declares that Jesus is innocent – and so he is! – but the religious leaders are determined to see him executed. Once again, their spiritual blindness should give us pause. How did they not recognize their King, their Deliverer, when they were face-to-face with him? How do we sometimes miss seeing him?