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In chapter 23, Sarah dies at age 127. It is interesting that Sarah is the only woman in the Bible whose age at death is listed. After her death, Abraham sends his most trusted servant to find a wife for his son Isaac who worships the same God as Abraham. The servant uses an interesting combination of direction from God and wisdom to find a wife for Isaac. The servant travelled with ten camels. After a journey like this, a camel would probably drink 25 gallons of water. He wanted a hard-working and considerate woman who would offer to draw 250 gallons of water from a well even before she was asked! Rebekah also demonstrated faith in God’s leading to leave immediately to marry Isaac.

Marriage customs looked very different back then, but share two things in common with today: a public commitment before family and friends followed by a sexual union. The story shows us some great qualifications for a husband or wife; faith in the same God, hard work, generosity and a willingness to follow God’s leading. These are so much more important than the shallow things that often attract our attention such as appearance or money.