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It has been a year since the Israelites left Egypt. If you remember back to Exodus 11 and 12, the people of Israel had been spared the death of their firstborns by putting blood on the frames of their doors. That was how death passed over their household. We are also told of how God led the people using a cloud representing God’s glory.

You might be envious of Israel being led by God in such a clear way. To know exactly when to move forward and when to stop would be a privilege for anyone who desires to do what God’s wants. It’s easy to get the idea that what God wants us to do is a big mystery only the smartest can figure out. However, Proverbs 3:5-6 tells us that if we trust God, he will direct us. It probably won’t be with a cloud, but we can be sure he will keep us on the right path if we trust him enough to follow.