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Through stories, a number of things are revealed about Jesus. First, He is powerful. He demonstrates His power over fish and disease. Second, He is compassionate. Leprosy was a terrible skin disease that led to its sufferers being isolated for fear of catching the disease. When Jesus touches the man, it was probably the first time he has been touched by a non-leper in years. Jesus also shows compassion by asking a tax collector to follow Him. Tax collectors are hated and considered to be the worst of sinners. Third, He demonstrates He is God. He does this by forgiving the sins of the paralyzed man and by declaring He is the groom. The view was that eternity with God was going to be a huge wedding reception. The groom was now present, so it is inappropriate to be fasting any longer.

In the midst of all of these great demonstrations of Jesus’ power, Luke tells us in verse 16 that Jesus would go off alone to pray. If Jesus had all this power, but still needed to pray, how much more so for us? You may not be able to heal people every day or even demonstrate amazing levels of compassion, but you could find a quiet place and pray.