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As with the seals, there is a pause between the sixth and seventh trumpet. An angel comes from heaven with a small book or scroll. He stands on the land and the sea and extends his hand to heaven to signify that God created the heavens, the earth and the sea and is about to pass His final judgment on all of His creation. John is told to eat the book, which will taste sweet, but will sour his stomach. His knowledge of God’s coming judgment is both good and bad. Good in that evil will be destroyed, but bad in that many will be condemned. John must make this known so people will turn to Jesus before it is too late.

2 Peter 3:9 talks about Jesus delaying the end so everyone has the opportunity to come to Jesus. However as this chapter emphasizes, that day will eventually come. The end for someone we know could be his or her death or the return of Jesus. We should be like John and make sure those we know and love understand God’s love and coming judgment.