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Bible Reading / Giving Thanks

Day 1: Give Thanks In All Seasons


Read: 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Do you sometimes wonder what God’s will is for you? We want to know God’s will when we’re faced with a monumental decision: a job opportunity, a romantic relationship, or wisdom as we navigate parenthood. There are some questions we face in our lives whose answers are different from person to person. This job might be right for the person next to you, but not part of God’s plan for you. But there are some questions where the answer is the same for everyone.

Today’s reading is just such a question. What is God’s will for us? To rejoice, to pray, and to give thanks, always. When everything is going well with job, family, and health? Yes. When the world is falling apart? Yes, as hard as it may be. Our ability to rejoice, pray, and give thanks is not dependent on outside circumstances or even what’s happening in our own lives or our own hearts.

It all depends on God’s character – His faithfulness, holiness, and love. Those things are worth celebrating and worshiping, a wonderful reason to show gratitude and give thanks.