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Bible Reading / Giving Thanks

Day 4: Thank God for Friendships


Read: Ephesians 1:16-17

A recent trend has been to call the festival at the end of November “Friendsgiving.” We know this trend is meant to put emphasis on getting together with friends when we can’t always be with family, but let’s also remember that this time of the year is all about giving thanks! After all, this is the reason President Lincoln inaugurated the national holiday in 1863.

Paul, who also wrote this letter to the Ephesians, hasn’t forgotten to thank God. But as he often does, he thanks God for his friends. Paul spent time with the Ephesians, starting the church there; now he is writing to them from prison. He is grateful for their faith and their support of him. Later in Ephesians, Paul tells them to pray for each other. Friendships among Christians cross nationalities, ages, and social class. This is worth celebrating.

We are grateful for the people God has put in our lives. Maybe we can call it Thanksgiving with Friends.