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Bible Reading / God's Heart for the Forgotten

Day 1: How Does God Feel About the Underprivileged?

MAT 25:34-40

Read: Matthew 25:34-40

The vulnerable are so dear to God’s heart that he considers your care for them to be caring for himself. Stop and let that sink in for a moment. In the picture Matthew paints of the afterlife, Jesus praises his followers who saw people in need and responded in love. On the flip side, there are many examples in the Bible where the thing inciting God’s harshest rebuke is the oppression of the vulnerable. (The book of Amos is a great example, but we will get to that later in this Bible Reading Plan!) Who around me is vulnerable, and how can I love Jesus by caring for them today?

Prayer: Jesus, thank you for revealing your incredible heart of love through this reading today. Thank you that the most vulnerable are so close to your heart. Please begin to transform my heart to be more like yours.