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Read: Luke 22:54-62

Throughout the week, Jesus progressively moves from crowds to solitary confinement. On Sunday he is greeted by the masses as a king, and by Thursday evening even his closest followers scatter at the thought of arrest or persecution. Peter, a man Jesus loved and served, denies even knowing him - not once, but three times. Jesus was well acquainted with loneliness. He knew the sting of losing people he loved, of confidants abandoning him. On the cross, Jesus faced the ultimate isolation of being separated from the community with God the Father, for the first and only time in eternity.

Isolation comes in all shapes and sizes. Maybe you feel abandoned by the partner who walked away, or perhaps you said goodbye to someone you loved over this past year. Maybe in this season you feel unseen and are having a hard time relating to others. In this life, we will experience times where we will feel like an island - but don’t miss this: Jesus chose to walk through loneliness so that we would never walk alone. Because Jesus experienced the ultimate isolation, you and I experience the unending presence of God - he never leaves or forsakes us.

Because of the cross and the empty tomb – even on your worst day, you are not alone.