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Read: Matthew 27:32-44

Friday arrived. Jesus reached his destination, Golgotha. The religious leaders seemingly got their way. They preserved their traditions and squashed what they convinced themselves was a simple rebellion led by a simpleton carpenter. An innocent man was put to death - in a physically painful and publicly humiliating way. The events of the cross seemed so final, so definitive to everyone watching. But how could the creator of life be put to death? Why did the worst possible thing happen to the best possible person? One word: Love.

While the events of the week seemed to escalate to this unimaginable scenario, it wasn’t the religious leaders or the Roman legions who put Jesus to death. God, in his infinite love for you and me, orchestrated this very moment. Love drove Jesus to willingly take our punishment to give us his perfection. Jesus laid down his life as a sacrifice so you and I would know without a doubt that God is for us. Because of the bloody cross and the empty tomb, you never have to wonder about where you stand with God. If you have accepted Jesus’ forgiveness demonstrated by the events of this faithful Friday, you are wholly forgiven and loved, period.

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